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Zingo Rules



With your Zingo Rules handy, take off the top of the Zingo Zinger and scramble all of the 72 tiles. Load each of the tiles into the Zinger and divide into two equal stacks.Each participant should have a good view of the Zingo Zinger before the game begins. Each of the players selects a Zingo card. Each card has two different sides to allow for two different levels of competition. Players must be sure each card is on the same colored side facing up.


The Green Side – Offers the easiest level of play. Younger children will have an easier time with this side.

The Red Side – Offers the most challenging level of play. This side has a larger collection of images for a faster style of play. Older players will enjoy this challenging level of play more.


How to Play


Dealer can operate Zingo Zinger or players have the option of passing the Zinger each turn, allowing each player to operate the Zinger during the game. If a dealer is desired, it should be an adult or an older child. According to the Zingo rules, the dealer, or player with the Zinger, slides it forward and then back to reveal two tiles.


If a player spots a tile that matches his or her card, the player calls out the name of the image on his or her card. Then the player takes the tile covers the image on the card. The Dealer then places returns the unclaimed tiles back into the Zinger through reload slots at the top. If it happens that two or more players require the same tile, it goes to the player that calls for it first. In the case of a tie, the Dealer places the tile back into the Zinger.


If at any point you aren’t sure what to do, check the Zingo Rules for more information. In the event a player calls for a tile he or she doesn’t need, the tile goes to the next player that correctly called it. The first player that covers each of the 9 spaces on the Zingo card and shouts, “Zingo” wins the game!


Variations of Zingo


If you enjoyed the first game, try these other exciting variations!


Zany Zingo

Choose a pattern to match: Four corners, picture frame, X Marks

the Spot, and Z is for Zingo. The first player to match the pattern



Multi-card Zingo

Players use two or more cards each round. You can even play with one green card and one red card! The first to fill his or her cards wins the game!


Mini Zingo

Players try to match three images in a row. These can be diagonal, in a row, or across, up, or down. The first one to match three in a row wins!


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