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Official TOMY Pop Up Pirate Board Game Rules


Begin by placing the pirate figure into the barrel and closing the barrel's door. Make sure the pirate is placed randomly so no one knows which slot will make him pop up.

TOMY Pop-Up Pirate Board Game

Taking Turns


Players take turns inserting plastic swords into slots in the barrel. Each player chooses a slot and gently pushes one of the swords into that slot. The swords are inserted one at a time.

Ending the Game


As players insert the swords, they need to be careful because one of the slots will trigger the pirate to pop up. The goal is to avoid being the player who makes the pirate pop up. The game ends when the pirate pops up. The player who made the pirate pop up loses the game.

After the game ends, you can reset the pirate into the barrel and start another round.

TOMY Pop-Up Pirate Game


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