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Official "Sorry! Giant Edition" Rules

Sorry! Giant Edition is an oversized version of the classic board game, Sorry!, where players move their pawns around the board with the goal of getting all their pawns from start to home. Here are the detailed rules for playing Sorry! Giant Edition:


The objective of Sorry! Giant Edition is to be the first player to get all four of your pawns from the start area to your home area.


  • Giant game board: An oversized version of the traditional Sorry! game board.

  • 16 giant pawns: 4 pawns in each of the four colors (red, blue, green, yellow).

  • Deck of Sorry! cards: Cards that dictate the movement and actions of the pawns.


  1. Set Up the Board: Lay the giant game board on a flat surface where all players can easily reach it.

  2. Place Pawns: Each player chooses a color and places their four pawns in the corresponding start area.

  3. Shuffle the Cards: Shuffle the deck of Sorry! cards and place it face down within reach of all players.


  1. Starting the Game:

    • Each player draws a card from the deck.

    • The player who draws the highest number goes first. Special cards (Sorry!, 2, and 7) count as zero for this purpose.

    • Play proceeds clockwise.

  2. Drawing Cards:

    • At the beginning of each turn, a player draws a card from the deck and follows the instructions on the card.

    • The drawn card is placed in a discard pile after use.

  3. Card Actions:

    • 1: Move one pawn forward 1 space.

    • 2: Move one pawn forward 2 spaces. Draw again.

    • 3: Move one pawn forward 3 spaces.

    • 4: Move one pawn backward 4 spaces.

    • 5: Move one pawn forward 5 spaces.

    • 7: Split the movement between two pawns, totaling 7 spaces (e.g., move one pawn 3 spaces and another pawn 4 spaces).

    • 8: Move one pawn forward 8 spaces.

    • 10: Move one pawn forward 10 spaces or move one pawn backward 1 space.

    • 11: Move one pawn forward 11 spaces or swap one of your pawns with an opponent’s pawn.

    • 12: Move one pawn forward 12 spaces.

    • Sorry!: Move one of your pawns from the start area to any space occupied by an opponent’s pawn, sending that pawn back to its start area.

  4. Moving Pawns:

    • Pawns move clockwise around the board according to the number of spaces indicated on the drawn card.

    • Pawns can only enter the home area by an exact count. If you can't move a pawn the exact number of spaces needed to get into home, you must make another move.

    • If a pawn lands on a space occupied by another pawn (of any color), the occupying pawn is sent back to its start area.

  5. Entering the Safety Zone:

    • Each player has a safety zone leading to their home area.

    • Pawns can only enter the safety zone by exact count and can only move within the safety zone if an exact number is drawn.

  6. Winning the Game:

    • The first player to move all four of their pawns into their home area wins the game.

Additional Rules:

  • Drawing a Card: If you draw a card and cannot make a move, your turn is forfeited.

  • Pawn Block: If all your pawns are in the start area and you draw a card that doesn't allow you to move a pawn out (e.g., 4, 5), you forfeit your turn.

  • Double Occupancy: If two pawns occupy the same space due to a Sorry! card, the second pawn must go back to the start area.


  • Using Sorry! Cards: Use Sorry! cards strategically to send opponent pawns back to their start area.

  • Splitting Moves: When using the 7 card, consider the best way to split the move to maximize your advantage.

  • Swapping Pawns: Use the 11 card to swap strategically, placing your pawn in a better position or sending an opponent’s pawn to a disadvantageous position.

Sorry! Giant Edition brings an extra element of fun to the classic Sorry! game with its oversized components. It’s a great game for family gatherings and outdoor play, promoting both strategy and friendly competition.

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