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Official Pin The Tail On The Donkey Rules

"Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is a classic party game that is especially popular at children's parties. Here are the detailed rules for playing:


This game is ideal for children's parties and can be played by any number of participants. There's no minimum or maximum, but it's best to have enough space for everyone to take a turn comfortably.


  • A large poster or image of an animal (traditionally a donkey, but it can be any animal) missing its tail. You can purchase a pre-made poster or create your own.

  • A tail cut out of felt, cloth, or paper. Attach a pin (with a safety cap!) or a piece of tape to the end of the tail for sticking it on the poster.

  • Blindfold (optional, but adds to the fun)


  1. Hang the poster on a wall at a height appropriate for the players (usually around eye level for children).

  2. Prepare the tail by attaching a pin (with safety cap on!) or a piece of tape to the end for sticking it on the poster.


  1. One player at a time is chosen to be blindfolded (optional, but recommended for younger children). You can use a scarf, bandana, or a purpose-made sleep mask.

  2. Spin the blindfolded player around a few times gently to disorient them.

  3. Guide the player towards the poster while keeping their arms outstretched.

  4. Once the player feels they are in position, they can try to pin the tail on the donkey (or chosen animal) by reaching out and sticking the tail on the poster.

  5. After each player's attempt, remove the tail and have everyone take turns guessing where the tail should be placed. You can mark the guesses with a washable marker on the poster for fun.

  6. The player who pins the tail closest to the animal's rear end wins!


  • Multiple Tails: If you have a larger group, you can prepare multiple tails of different colors or designs. This allows more players to participate at once and adds a competitive element.

  • Timer:  Introduce a timer for each player's turn to add a bit of challenge.

  • Themed Variations: You can use different animal posters based on a party theme (e.g., pin the horn on the unicorn, pin the mane on the lion).


  • Play upbeat music in the background to add to the party atmosphere.

  • Offer small prizes or treats for the winner(s) to add to the excitement.

  • Encourage cheering and positive participation for all players.

"Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is a fun and engaging game that is easy to set up and play. It is perfect for parties and gatherings, providing lots of laughs and entertainment for players of all ages.

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