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Official Pass the Potato Rules

Move2Play's Pass The Potato takes the classic hot potato game and injects it with some wacky challenges, transforming it into a side-splitting party game for all ages. Here's a breakdown of the essentials to play:

Number of Players:  Ideally suited for 4-8 players, but can be adjusted for more with a larger potato (or multiple potatoes!).

Objective:  The goal is to avoid getting caught holding the wacky potato when the music stops, while also completing the silly challenges announced throughout the game. The last player remaining wins!


  • Move2Play Pass The Potato (This includes a special talking potato and potentially an instruction sheet)

  • Music player (optional, but recommended for added fun)


  1. Install Batteries:  If your Move2Play Pass The Potato requires batteries, make sure they are installed according to the instructions.

  2. Gather Players:  Get your group of friends or family together and form a circle.

  3. Activate the Potato:  Turn on the talking potato according to the instructions (usually a button or switch).


Move2Play Pass The Potato combines hot potato action with surprise challenges announced by the talking potato. Here's how it unfolds:

  1. Potato Talk: The talking potato will start by introducing itself and explaining the game's objective.

  2. Pass the Potato:  Players begin passing the potato around the circle as quickly as possible,  either player-to-player or tossing it depending on the potato's instructions.

  3. Challenge Time: Throughout the game, the potato will announce different wacky challenges that players must complete while holding the potato. These challenges might involve:

    • Silly actions (e.g., hopping on one foot, saying a tongue twister)

    • Making funny noises

    • Performing a quick dance move

  4. Music Stops (Optional): If using music, turn it on at a low volume. At random intervals, stop the music (or the potato might announce it's stopping its music).

  5. Caught with Challenges: Whoever is holding the potato when the music stops (or the potato announces it) and fails to complete the current challenge is considered "out."


  • Multiple Rounds: Play multiple rounds to see who can last the longest without getting eliminated.

  • Custom Challenges: You can come up with your own silly challenges to add to the mix.

  • Team Play (For Larger Groups): Divide players into teams and have them pass the potato within their team. The last team with a player remaining wins.

Winning the Game:

The game continues with potato passing, challenges, and eliminations until only one player remains. They are declared the hilarious champion of Move2Play Pass The Potato!


  • Make sure the potato is passed and tossed gently, especially if playing with young children.

  • Encourage players to focus on having fun and avoid being too competitive to prevent rough play.

Move2Play Pass The Potato adds a layer of interactive fun to the classic hot potato game. With its talking potato challenges and side-splitting moments, it's sure to be a hit at your next party or gathering!

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