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Official KerPlunk Rules

KerPlunk Kids Game is a simple yet engaging game that promotes hand-eye coordination, careful thinking, and a bit of luck! It's a perfect choice for a fun family game night or a quick playdate activity. Here's how to play:

Number of Players: 2-4 players

Objective: Be the player who ends the game with the fewest marbles in their compartment.


  • Transparent tube with a base

  • Set of colored sticks (straws)

  • Set of marbles

  • Special die (may vary depending on the version)

  • Individual compartments in the base (numbered 1-4)


  1. Assemble the Tube: Stand the transparent tube upright on the base, ensuring it's properly secured.

  2. Create the Web: Open the pack of colored sticks and randomly insert them through the holes in the middle section of the tube, crisscrossing them in different directions. You want to create a loose web that holds the marbles but allows some to fall through.

  3. Place the Marbles: Pour all the marbles into the top of the tube. They should rest on the web of colored sticks.

  4. Choose Your Compartment: Each player selects a numbered compartment in the base as their designated area where marbles will fall during the game.


The game is all about carefully removing sticks from the web while minimizing the number of marbles that fall through and land in your compartment. Here's how it plays: Turns and Rolling the Die:

  • Players take turns rolling the special die (if included).

  • The die may have different colored faces corresponding to the colored sticks, or it might have symbols indicating special actions.

Removing Sticks:

  • Depending on the die roll or the specific game version, a player may:

    • Choose any colored stick to pull out carefully from the top of the tube.

    • Follow the color or symbol indicated on the die roll and remove a specific colored stick.

  • The key is to remove the stick slowly and smoothly, avoiding any sudden movements that could jolt the web and cause marbles to fall.

  • Once a stick is removed, the player places it aside.

Marbles Fall:

  • As you remove sticks, some marbles might lose their support and fall through the web and land in the numbered compartments below.

  • The goal is to minimize the number of marbles that fall into your assigned compartment.

End of Game:

The game continues with players taking turns rolling the die (if applicable) and removing sticks until:

  • All the marbles have fallen through the web and landed in the compartments below.

  • The web becomes too unstable to continue removing sticks without causing a major avalanche of marbles.

Determining the Winner:

Once the game ends, each player counts the number of marbles in their designated compartment. The player with the fewest marbles wins the game and is declared the KerPlunk champion!


  • Timer (Optional): You can introduce a timer for each turn, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement. Players need to remove their stick within the time limit to avoid a penalty (e.g., adding an extra marble to their compartment).

  • Team Play (Optional): For larger groups, consider dividing players into teams and playing cooperatively. Work together to remove sticks strategically and minimize the total number of marbles collected by your team.

Safety Note:

  • The marbles can be choking hazards for young children. Adult supervision is recommended, especially for younger players.

Ker Plunk! is a blast from the past with a cool look and attitude!
Create a "lattice" of sticks midway through the translucent tube and place the marbles on top; players choose one of four compartments in the base -2 to 4 people can play!

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