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Official Hopscotch Rules

Hopscotch is a classic playground game that children around the world enjoy. Here are the detailed rules for playing hopscotch:

What you'll need:

  • Chalk (to draw the hopscotch grid on a smooth surface like pavement or concrete) OR the Official Hopscotch Ring Set

  • A small marker (such as a beanbag or flat stone)

Number of players:

  • Hopscotch can be played by one or more players.

How to play:

  1. Draw the hopscotch grid: The grid typically consists of a square divided into eight sections, with a smaller rectangle at the top called "head." You can find variations online for the specific design and numbering.

  2. Toss the marker: The first player throws the marker (beanbag or stone) into one of the numbered squares, trying not to land on a line or outside the square.

  3. Hop through the grid: If the marker lands inside a square, the player hops through the grid, following these rules:

    • Single squares: Hop on one foot.

    • Double squares (squares side-by-side with a number): Place one foot in each square.

    • You can hop over the square with the marker in it, but don't put your foot in it.

    • Some variations allow players to rest both feet in the "head" section at the top.

  4. Turn around and hop back: Once you reach the top of the grid, turn around (still on one foot) and hop back down the squares, picking up your marker on the way back.

  5. Next player's turn: If you complete the hop without stepping on a line, falling, or missing the squares, the next player takes a turn.

  6. Repeat: Players take turns tossing the marker and hopping through the grid.

  7. Levels of difficulty:  Some variations involve throwing the marker into multiple squares in sequence to progress through "levels" within the hopscotch grid.

  8. Winning: There's no official winner in hopscotch, but some variations keep track of how many times a player completes the course without a mistake.


  • Use a smooth surface for drawing the hopscotch grid.

  • Start with a smaller grid if you're new to hopscotch.

  • Practice hopping on one foot to improve your balance.

  • Have fun and enjoy the challenge!

Hopscotch is a simple and fun game that promotes physical activity, balance, and coordination. It can be played alone or with friends and is a great way to enjoy outdoor playtime.

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