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Official Highway Hunt Rules

Regal Games' Highway Hunt is a portable and entertaining card game designed to keep passengers of all ages occupied during car rides and road trips. Here's how to play:

Number of Players:

Highway Hunt can be enjoyed by 2 to 8 players, making it perfect for families with children or groups of friends traveling together.

What you'll need:

  • Deck of 54 Highway Hunt game cards

  • (Optional) Score sheet (can be paper and pen)


The goal of Highway Hunt is to be the first player (or team) to find all nine cards of a specific suit (category) while traveling. By spotting the objects listed on the cards out the car window, you'll earn points and race towards victory!


  1. Deal the Cards: Shuffle the deck thoroughly. Depending on the number of players, deal a specific number of cards face down to each player:

    • 2-4 Players: Each player receives 9 cards.

    • 5-7 Players: Each player receives 8 cards.

    • 8 Players: Each player receives 7 cards.

  2. Start Spotting!:  Keep the remaining deck face down somewhere central in the car (out of sight). Players can immediately start searching for the objects listed on the cards they hold.

  3. Matching and Calling Out: If you spot an object listed on one of your cards (e.g., "Horse," "Gas Station"), you can excitedly call it out!

  4. Completing a Suit:  If you manage to find all nine cards of a particular suit (category) first, you win that round! Some variations might have point values assigned to each completed suit, allowing you to track scores throughout the trip.

Variations and Additional Rules:

  • Cooperative Play:  For younger children or a more relaxed experience, you can play cooperatively. Work together as a team to find all the objects on the cards. Everyone wins when a complete suit is found!

  • Point System:  Assign point values to each completed suit (e.g., common objects like cars or houses - 1 point; rarer objects like hot air balloons - 3 points). Keep track of points on a score sheet or a piece of paper throughout the trip. The player (or team) with the most points at the end of the trip wins!

  • Trading:  In some variations, players can trade cards with each other if they're stuck looking for a specific object. This can add a layer of strategy and cooperation to the game.

Winning the Game:

Depending on the chosen variation:

  • First to Complete a Suit:  The first player (or team) to find all nine cards of a specific suit wins that round.  In cooperative play, everyone wins!

  • Most Points:  If playing with a point system, the player (or team) with the most points at the end of the trip wins the game!

Tips for a Fun Highway Hunt Experience:

  • Keep the game exciting by calling out spotted objects with enthusiasm.

  • Younger children might need help reading the cards initially.

  • Encourage everyone to participate and keep an eye out for objects.

  • Take breaks from the game to avoid car sickness, especially for younger passengers.

Highway Hunt is a simple yet engaging game that transforms car rides into a fun adventure for everyone involved. So buckle up, shuffle the deck, and get ready to spot your way to victory!

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