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Official Guess in 10 Splash Rules

Guess in 10 Splash is a fun and interactive guessing game suitable for players of all ages. It challenges players to guess various items, characters, or concepts within a limited number of questions. Here are the detailed rules for playing Guess in 10 Splash:


The objective of Guess in 10 Splash is to guess the mystery item or concept within 10 questions or fewer.


  • Guess in 10 Splash Cards: Cards containing various items, characters, or concepts for players to guess.

  • Timer: A timer to limit the time for asking questions and making guesses.

  • Players: Two or more players or teams.


  1. Shuffle the Cards:

    • Shuffle the Guess in 10 Splash cards to randomize the selection of items for guessing.

  2. Select a Card:

    • Draw a card from the shuffled deck and keep it hidden from the player(s) who will be guessing.


  1. Start the Timer:

    • Start the timer to set a time limit for asking questions and making guesses. A typical time limit is one minute.

  2. Ask Questions:

    • The player or team guessing asks questions to gather information about the mystery item or concept.

    • Questions should be specific and answerable with a "yes" or "no."

  3. Limited Questions:

    • Players are limited to asking 10 questions in total. Once the 10 questions are asked, they must make their final guess.

  4. Provide Answers:

    • The player holding the card provides answers to the questions asked by the guessing player or team.

    • Answers should be brief and accurate, revealing only the necessary information to help the guessing player(s) make an informed guess.

  5. Make a Guess:

    • After asking 10 questions or when time runs out, the guessing player or team must make their final guess about the mystery item or concept.

  6. Reveal the Answer:

    • After the guess is made, the player holding the card reveals the correct answer.

    • If the guessing player or team correctly guesses the mystery item or concept within 10 questions, they win the round.

  7. Scorekeeping:

    • Keep track of the number of correct guesses made by each player or team to determine the overall winner.

Winning the Game:

  • The player or team with the most correct guesses at the end of the game (after playing multiple rounds) wins.

Additional Rules and Tips:

  • Time Management: Manage your time effectively to ask relevant questions and make an educated guess within the time limit.

  • Strategy: Think strategically and ask questions that narrow down the possibilities quickly.

  • Variations: Experiment with different variations, such as allowing more or fewer questions, to customize the game according to players' preferences.

Guess in 10 Splash is an entertaining and engaging game that challenges players' deductive skills and knowledge. Whether played casually with family and friends or competitively in a party setting, Guess in 10 Splash promises hours of fun and excitement for everyone involved.

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