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Official Bluey Wackadoo Dice Rules

The Bluey Wackadoo Dice is a simple and fun imagination-based game designed for young children. Here's how to play:

What you'll need:

  • Bluey Wackadoo Dice set (containing two dice)

    • One die with pictures of Bluey and Bingo in different poses (representing actions)

    • One die with pictures of various animals

Number of Players:

The Bluey Wackadoo Dice can be enjoyed by 1 player or with a group of friends and family.


  1. Roll the Dice: Each player (or a designated player if playing solo) rolls both dice simultaneously.

  2. Animal and Action: The first die shows an animal, and the second die shows an action pose (performed by Bluey or Bingo).

  3. Act It Out: Using your imagination, act out the combination of the animal and the action! Here are some examples:

    • Kangaroo (animal) + Jumping (action) = Jump like a kangaroo!

    • Pelican (animal) + Spinning (action) = Spin around like a pelican!

    • Dog (animal) + Sleeping (action) = Pretend to sleep like a tired dog!

  4. Laughter and Fun: The goal is to have fun and be silly! There are no wrong answers, so let your imagination run wild.

  5. Take Turns: If playing with multiple players, take turns rolling the dice and acting out the combinations.

Optional Rule (for older children):

  • Challenge: After acting out the combination, other players can try to guess the animal and action from your performance. This adds a layer of fun and encourages observation skills.

Additional Notes:

  • The Bluey Wackadoo Dice is a great way to encourage creativity, movement, and social interaction for young children.

  • It's a perfect game for playtime at home, on playdates, or even as a travel activity.

  • The simple rules and endless possibilities for silly combinations make it fun for all ages.

Bluey Wackadoo Dice Imagination Act Out The Action Game is a delightful way to spark creativity, laughter, and fun-filled moments inspired by the beloved Bluey TV show. It's perfect for family game nights, parties, or any gathering where imagination takes center stage.

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