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GiftTRAP Rules



The objective of Gift Trap is to be the first player to get both of your markers to the Gifted space by giving and receiving the best presents.



Each player picks a gift bag and empties it of its contents of the same color. Players place their closed present on the give starting space and their opened present on the get starting space.


Playing A Round


To start a round the current dealer picks which deck of cards will be used for the current round. The dealer

places enough cards onto the game board equal to the number of players plus one. The first card is placed on the first space and so on. The cards have been dealt out for a four player game.


Once all of the presents are put out, each player needs to give one gift to every other player that they think

the person would like. Each player gives a gift to every other player (not themselves) by giving the tile with

the number corresponding to the gift they want to give that player (give the tiles face down so the players

can’t see them). Since a player only has one tile of each number they can only give each gift once.


After everyone has given out their gifts, players choose which gifts they would like to receive. Each player has four get tiles. Players place their +3 tile (face down) on the gift they would like most. They place their +2, and +1 tile on the gifts they would want second and third. Finally they put the -4 tile on the one gift they don’t want or least want.




After everyone has played all their get tiles, players take turns revealing the gifts they received and the gifts they placed their get tiles on. Points are scored based on the get tile that was placed on the gift that was received. The player who received the gift will move their opened gift forward or backwards based on the points scored while the player who gave the gift moves their closed present the same number of spaces.


After every player has given their gifts and chosen their preferred gifts, it is time to reveal the player’s choices. The blue player received the fifth present from the green and light green players. The blue player really liked this gift since they put their +3 chip on it. The orange player gave the blue player the fourth present which the blue player hated since they put a -4 chip on it.


Points earned for gifts are as follows:

  • Great +3: move both players forward three spaces.

  • Good +2: move both players forward two spaces.

  • OK +1: move both players forward one space.

  • No Way -4: move both players back four spaces.

  • No Match (no get chip of the receiver on the present received): move both players back one space.


After receiving two +3 gifts and one -4 gift the blue player has moved their pawn forward two spaces.

The orange pawn is still at the start space since they gave a -4 gift. The green and light green pawns are at the three space because both players gave a +3 gift.


When scoring points players can’t move past the finish space but they can move back from the finish space if they get a negative score.


End of Game


If at the end of a round both of a player’s pawns are on the Gifted space, that player will win the game.

The blue player has won the game because both of their pawns have reached the gifted space.


Give More


A player can play this card with one of their gift tokens each round. You gift the card along with the gift token to the desired player. By using this card you will double the number of points you earn for the gift you gave. The player who received the gift would receive the normal number of points for the gift.


The green player is really confident in the gift they gave to the blue player. In this case they would get six spaces instead of the three they would have gotten if they didn’t use the card.


Get More


A player can play the Get More card on one gift token they received each round. A player can place this card under one of the give tiles that they received in order to double their score received from that gift.


The blue player thought the green player would give them a good gift so they put the get more card under the present they received from the green player (this decision is made while the gifts are still face down). In this case the blue player made a good choice since they will get six spaces instead of three spaces for the gift they received from the green player.


No Longer Up For Grabs


At any point during a round a player can yell out “GiftTrap” and choose one of the gifts on the board to play the card on top of. After this point no one else can score points this round from that gift. Any points already scored for the gift still count but any person who receives the gift after the card is played receives no points for it (for giver or receiver). Each player can only play the card once during the entire game so it is discarded after it is used.

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