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Official You Laugh You're Out Game Rules

Here's a breakdown of the rules for You Laugh You're Out, a fun party game that tests your ability to keep a straight face:


The objective of "You Laugh, You Lose" is to be the last player remaining without laughing while facing various comedic challenges and jokes.


What you'll need:

  • You Laugh You're Out game cards (containing prompts or actions)

  • Timer (optional, but adds pressure)

  • Tokens or small objects for players (to represent "lives")

  • Playing area with space for the cards and tokens

Number of Players:

You Laugh You're Out can be enjoyed by 3 or more players.

Setting Up:

  1. Shuffle the Card Deck: Shuffle the deck of You Laugh You're Out cards containing prompts or actions players will need to act out or describe. Place the deck face down within reach of all players.

  2. Choose Starting Player: Determine who goes first (randomly or by specific rules depending on the version).

  3. Grab Your Tokens: Each player receives a set number of tokens (typically 3-5) representing their "lives" in the game.


A game of You Laugh You're Out is a battle of composure filled with laughter and silly antics. Here's how a typical round unfolds:

  1. Draw a Card: The designated player (based on turn order) draws a card from the deck and reads the prompt or action aloud to everyone.

  2. The Performance: Depending on the card, the player might need to:

    • Act Out the prompt silently (e.g., pretending to be a specific animal or performing a funny action).

    • Describe the prompt using only words, without actually saying the answer itself (e.g., for a card that says "Beach," they might describe building a sandcastle or feeling the hot sand between their toes).

    • Follow Specific Instructions (Some cards might have specific rules, like reading a tongue twister or saying a sentence backward).

  3. Time Limit (Optional): If using a timer, set a specific time limit (e.g., 30 seconds) for the player's performance.

  4. Keeping a Straight Face: While the performer acts or describes, other players try their best to not laugh or smile.

Losing a Life (Laughing Out Loud):

  • If a player laughs out loud (LOL) at any point during the performance (including the performer themselves!), they lose a life and must surrender one of their tokens.

Winning the Round:

  • The performer successfully completes the action or description on the card without anyone (including themselves) laughing within the time limit (if using a timer). They win the round and might get a reward (depending on the version).

Winning the Game

  • The game continues with players taking turns drawing cards and performing actions. The first player to lose all their tokens is out of the game. The remaining player with the most tokens at the end is declared the champion and can finally laugh freely (without penalty)!


  • The game is all about silly antics and keeping a straight face, even when it gets challenging.

  • Some versions might have additional rules or variations, like:

    • Players can use funny voices or accents during their performance.

    • A designated "Joke Master" can try to make players laugh with additional jokes or comments.

    • Players can earn back lost tokens by completing certain challenges.

You Laugh You're Out is a perfect party game to bring out the laughter and test your ability to stay serious. So grab your friends, prepare to act silly, and see who can keep a straight face the longest!

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