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Official "Where Should We Begin" Rules

"Where Should We Begin" isn't a traditional game with specific rules. It's actually a card game for sparking conversation, particularly for couples, friends, or close companions. Here's how to play:


  • There are no points to score or winners to declare. The true "win" comes from the deeper connections and understanding fostered through open communication and shared stories.


  • Shuffle both decks (if using Prompt Cards) and deal a set number of Story Cards (usually 7) face down to each player. Place the remaining Story Cards face down as a draw pile.


1. Taking Turns:

  • The first player (or chosen starting player) draws a Prompt Card (optional) and reveals it to everyone if used. It provides a general theme for the stories.

  • Each player then chooses one of their Story Cards (without revealing it to others).

2. Telling the Story:

  • Players use their chosen Story Card as the first line of their story.

  • They weave a narrative using their imagination and storytelling skills, connecting the chosen Story Card with the Prompt Card (if used) or simply using the Story Card prompt to tell a personal story.

3. Sharing and Discussion:

  • After telling the story, the player can reveal the Story Card they used, sparking a discussion about the story's connection to the prompt or personal reflections.

  • The other players can ask clarifying questions or share their interpretations.

4. Continue the Round:

  • Play continues with the next player drawing a new Prompt Card (optional) and using one of their Story Cards to tell their story.

  • Players can draw additional Story Cards from the draw pile if they run out or need inspiration.

Winning the Game

  • There are no traditional "winners" or "losers" in this game. The goal is to connect with the other players through unique and in-depth storytelling!


  • Dice with Prompts (some editions): Some versions include a die that players roll for additional prompts or story elements to incorporate.

  • Time Limits: If desired, players can set a time limit for each story.

Overall, "Where Should We Begin" a Game of Stories by Esther Perel is a flexible and engaging tool to encourage open communication, storytelling, and deeper connections.

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