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Official "Stellar Factory's Werewolf: A Party Game for Devious People" Rules

Stellar Factory's Werewolf: A Party Game for Devious People: is a party game of social deduction that's fun for the whole family! Here's how to play:


The villagers (majority) try to identify and eliminate the werewolves (minority) who are secretly trying to eliminate the villagers at night. The game ends when either all the werewolves or all the villagers are eliminated.


1. Shuffle the Werewolf Deck: Ensure all cards are mixed well.

2. Deal Cards Face Down:  Each player receives one card face down, keeping their identity hidden. Look at your card to see your role (e.g., Villager, Werewolf, Seer, Doctor).

3. Choose a Moderator (Optional):  One player can volunteer or be chosen randomly to be the moderator. The moderator facilitates the game flow, narrates events, and keeps track of eliminated players. They  do not receive a role card.


The game follows a day/night cycle with specific actions for each phase:

Day Phase:

  1. Moderator's Introduction: The moderator announces the beginning of the day and asks if anyone has any information to share based on their role (e.g., the Seer might reveal who they saw last night that wasn't a werewolf).

  2. Discussions and Accusations: This is where the real fun begins! Players discuss the events of the previous night, analyze clues, and make accusations about who they suspect might be werewolves.

  3. Voting: After discussions, the players hold a vote to eliminate one player. This vote can be based on suspicions, alibis, or simply gut feelings. The player with the most votes gets eliminated.

Night Phase:

  1. Moderator's Announcement: The moderator announces the beginning of the night and instructs everyone to close their eyes.

  2. Werewolf Action (Quietly): The moderator asks the werewolves (if any) to open their eyes and silently choose one villager to eliminate.

  3. Optional Roles' Actions (Quietly): Depending on the roles included (Seer, Doctor), the moderator might ask them to take specific actions like peeking at other players' identities or protecting a villager from being eliminated.

  4. Moderator's Narration: Once all night actions are complete, the moderator announces who was eliminated during the night, if anyone.

Day and Night Cycle Continues:

The game continues with day and night phases alternating until one group (villagers or werewolves) achieves their objective.

Special Roles (Optional):

The base game might include optional roles like Seer (can peek at one player's identity at night) and Doctor (can protect one villager from being eliminated by werewolves at night). Additional roles can be found in expansion packs, adding complexity and variety to the game.

Winning the Game

  • Villagers Win: If all the werewolves are eliminated through voting, the villagers win!

  • Werewolves Win: If the number of werewolves ever equals or surpasses the number of villagers (due to eliminations), the werewolves win!


If you have a smaller group (less than 7 players), consider:

  • Reduce the number of werewolves: With fewer players, even one werewolf can be very powerful. Having only one werewolf can make the game more balanced.

  • Villager Roles: You can introduce special Villager roles (e.g., Troublemaker who can switch the identities of two players at night) to add more dynamism and deduction to the gameplay.

Werewolf is a social deduction game where bluffing, deduction, and a bit of acting can go a long way. Enjoy the accusations, the suspense, and the thrill of trying to uncover who the real werewolves are!

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