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Official Unstable Unicorns Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack Rules

The Unstable Unicorns Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack combines cards from two previous expansions, Rainbow Sprinkles and Apocalypse, offering a wider range of adorable and destructive elements to your base game of Unstable Unicorns.


Throughout three scoring rounds, score the most victory points by collecting resources, building stables with unicorns, and strategically using the special abilities of the expansion pack's cards.


  • Combine Decks:Shuffle the Rainbow Apocalypse cards into the base game deck.

  • Deal the Cards:Deal 5 cards to each player from the combined deck.
    Place the remaining deck in the center to form the draw pile.

  • Prepare Player Areas:Each player starts with a Baby Unicorn in their Stable.


The gameplay follows the same structure as the base game, with each player taking turns in clockwise order.

  1. Start of Turn:

    • Draw a card from the draw pile.

  2. Action Phase:

    • Play one card from your hand. Cards can be Unicorns, Magic cards, Instant cards, Upgrade cards, or Downgrade cards.

    • Alternatively, you can draw an additional card instead of playing a card from your hand.

  3. End of Turn:

    • Discard down to the hand limit, if necessary (usually 7 cards).

New Card Types and Effects in Rainbow Apocalypse:

  1. Apocalypse Unicorns:

    • Special Unicorns with unique effects that often impact all players. These can introduce new strategies and disrupt opponents’ plans.

  2. Magic Cards:

    • New Magic cards with powerful effects. Some might target multiple players or have lingering effects that last several turns.

  3. Upgrade and Downgrade Cards:

    • New cards that can enhance your Stable or hinder your opponents. They may have apocalyptic themes, fitting the expansion’s motif.

  4. Instant Cards:

    • Can be played at any time, even on other players' turns. These cards often provide defensive abilities or sudden offensive moves.

Winning the Game

  • The victory conditions remain the same as the base game:

    • For 2-5 players, the first to have 7 Unicorns in their Stable wins.

    • For 6-8 players, the first to have 6 Unicorns in their Stable wins.


  • Always refer to the specific text on each card to understand its unique effect.

  • The core mechanics of playing cards, collecting resources, building stables, and scoring points remain the same as the base game.

  • The expansion adds variety and strategic depth by introducing new cute and destructive elements to the core gameplay.

The Rainbow Apocalypse Expansion Pack adds new layers of strategy and chaos to Unstable Unicorns. Embrace the madness and adjust your tactics to navigate the new threats and opportunities presented by the apocalyptic Unicorns.

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