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Official Train of Thought Rules

Skillmatics Card Game - Train of Thought is an engaging and thoughtful game designed to spark meaningful conversations and build connections. Here are the rules and an overview of how to play:


Be the first player to collect three sets of three matching colored cards to complete your "Train of Thought."


1. Shuffle the Decks: Thoroughly mix the Question Card deck, Wild Card deck, and Action Card deck (if included) and place them face down within reach of all players.

2. Deal Starting Cards: Deal a set number of colored cards (typically 3-5) to each player, depending on the desired game length. Keep your colored cards face down in your hand.


The game follows a round structure with simple steps:

1. Round Start:

  • The youngest player starts the game and is the "Conductor" for the first round. In subsequent rounds, the Conductor role passes to the next player in turn order.

  • The Conductor draws the top card from the Question Card deck and reads the question aloud to all players. These questions are designed to be thought-provoking and spark interesting conversation.

2. Think and Answer:

  • Players have a short time to ponder the question and come up with their answer. There might be a timer included in the game, or you can simply use a short pause for everyone to think.

3. Reveal and Discuss:

  • All players simultaneously reveal the colored card they want to play from their hand. This card color represents their answer or their connection to the question.

  • There can be open discussion about why players chose the colors they did.

4. Scoring the Round:

  • Matching Colors: If a player's chosen color matches the most common color chosen by other players, they win a point and get to keep the played card face up in front of them. This card becomes the first car in their colored train.

  • Unique Thinker (Optional):  Some versions might award a point for a completely unique answer (a color no one else picked). Check your specific game's instructions for details.

  • Wild Cards:  If a player uses a Wild Card, they can choose any color to represent their answer.

5. Action Cards (Optional):

  • Some versions include Action Cards that can be played during the game to introduce special actions or twists.  These might involve stealing cards from other players, swapping answers, or adding new challenges.  Follow the instructions on the specific Action Card played.

6. Next Round:

  • After scoring the round, the Conductor role passes to the next player, and a new round begins with a new question card. Players might draw new colored cards from the deck to replenish their hand size (refer to the game instructions).

Winning the Game

The first player to collect three sets of three matching colored cards (representing three completed train cars of the same color) wins the game and becomes the "Top Train Conductor"!


  • Think Like the Herd, Not Heard:  While being completely unique might be interesting, focus on choosing a color that aligns with what you think most other players might choose to increase your chances of scoring points.

  • Pay Attention: Observe what colors other players might be revealing during the game to get a sense of the popular answers. This can help you adjust your strategy in future rounds.

  • Embrace the Conversation:  Train of Thought is more than just winning. It's about having fun conversations and sparking creative thinking. Enjoy the questions and the discussions they bring up!

Train of Thought is a fantastic way to build deeper connections and enjoy meaningful conversations. It's perfect for family gatherings, parties, or any time you want to engage with others on a thoughtful level.

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