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Official Throw Throw Burrito Rules

"Throw Throw Burrito" is a unique combination of a card game and dodgeball-style play, where players collect sets of matching cards while simultaneously dodging thrown foam burritos. Here's how to play:


Be the first player (or team) to reach a certain number of points (usually 7 points).

Number of Players: 2-6 players


  • Deck of Throw Throw Burrito cards

  • 2 squishy burritos


1. Divide players into two teams, or play as individuals if there are fewer players.

2. Clear a playing area with enough space for players to move around safely.

3. Place the two foam burritos in the center of the playing area.

4. Shuffle the deck of cards and deal five cards to each player.


1. Turn Structure:

  • The game is played in two phases: the card game phase and the burrito battle phase.

  • In the card game phase, players take turns drawing and playing cards from their hands.

  • Players can draw a card from the deck or pick up a card from the discard pile.

  • Players can then play a set of matching cards to score points or use action cards to disrupt opponents. 

2. Scoring Points:

  • Players can score points by collecting sets of matching cards, such as three of a kind or a sequence of three different cards.

  • Each set of cards is worth a certain number of points, as indicated on the cards.

  • Players keep track of their points throughout the game. 

3. Burrito Battle:

  • At any point during the card game phase, if a player plays a "Burrito Brawl" card or collects a set of matching "Burrito War" cards, a burrito battle is triggered.

  • During the burrito battle, players race to grab one of the foam burritos from the center of the playing area.

  • Once a player grabs a burrito, they can throw it at an opponent.

  • Players can also dodge incoming burritos by moving out of the way or using other players as shields.

  • The player who successfully hits an opponent with a burrito scores points. 

4. End of Turn and Continuation:

  • After the burrito battle, play continues with the card game phase.

  • The game continues until a predetermined number of points is reached, or until all cards have been played.

Winning the Game

The first player to successfully have a certain number of unicorns in their stable wins the game. This number can vary depending on the agreed-upon game length or the number of players.


1. Team Mode:

  • Divide players into teams and play in a team-based format. Players on the same team can strategize and work together to score points and coordinate burrito attacks against the opposing team. 

2. Burrito Duel:

  • Set up a designated dueling area where two players can face off in a one-on-one burrito battle. Players take turns throwing burritos at each other until one player is hit. The winner scores points for landing the hit.  

3. Burrito Bonanza:

  • Increase the number of foam burritos available in the game to create more chaos and excitement during burrito battles. Add additional foam burritos to the playing area or introduce new burritos throughout the game. 

4. Burrito Shield:

  • Allow players to use the foam burritos as shields to block incoming burrito attacks. Players can hold a burrito in front of them to protect themselves from oncoming throws. However, players cannot use the same burrito as both a shield and a weapon simultaneously.  

5. Burrito Swap:

  • Introduce a rule where players can swap their current foam burrito with another player's burrito during a burrito battle. This adds an element of surprise and strategy as players try to outmaneuver their opponents. 

6. Burrito Buff:

  • Create special buff cards that players can collect during the card game phase. Buff cards provide players with temporary advantages, such as increased throwing accuracy, extra points for successful hits, or immunity from burrito attacks for a limited time.  

7. Burrito Freeze:

  • Implement a freeze rule where players must freeze in place when a burrito battle is initiated. Players cannot move until a burrito is thrown, adding tension and excitement to the moment before the chaos ensues.  

8. Burrito King:

  • Designate a "Burrito King" who has special powers or abilities during the game. The Burrito King may have the ability to double their points, control the flow of burrito battles, or enact other game-changing effects

That's the basic gameplay of "Throw Throw Burrito"! It's a fast-paced and hilarious game that combines strategy, luck, and physical activity as players compete to collect sets of cards and dodge flying foam burritos.

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