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Official "The Worst-CASE Scenario" Card Game Rules

The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game is a party game where players face off against hypothetical disasters and try to outthink each other with the "worst" possible solutions. Here's how to play:


The objective of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game is to be the first player or team to reach the finish space on the game board. Players advance by correctly answering questions related to survival scenarios, expert knowledge, and challenges. The game is a mix of trivia and practical knowledge, designed to test players' abilities to handle hypothetical worst-case situations.


What you'll need:

  • Victim Wheel

  • 225 Worst-Case Scenario Cards

  • Playing pieces (one per player)

  • Scoreboard (optional, for some variations)

Number of Players:

3 to 6 players

Setting Up:

  1. Place the Victim Wheel in the center: This wheel determines the "victim" who will face the worst-case scenario each round.

  2. Shuffle the Worst-Case Scenario Cards: Place the deck face down within reach of all players.

  3. Choose Starting Player: Determine who goes first (randomly or by specific rules).

  4. Grab Your Playing Piece: Each player selects a playing piece and places it on the starting space of the scoreboard (if using scoring).


The game is a series of rounds where players try to identify the absolute worst outcome for a given situation. Here's how a round unfolds:

  1. Spin the Victim Wheel: The designated player (or the starting player depending on turn order) spins the Victim Wheel. The arrow will land on a player, making them the "victim" for this round.

  2. Draw and Read the Scenario: The "victim" draws a Worst-Case Scenario Card from the deck and reads the situation aloud. These scenarios can be anything from "You're stuck in an elevator..." to "Your phone explodes in your pocket..."

  3. Flip and Reveal Answer Chips (Optional): Some versions might have players hold answer chips with different worst-case solutions written on them. Players secretly choose the chip representing the worst outcome for themselves.

  4. Everyone Chooses Their Worst-Case Solution: If not using answer chips, all players secretly consider the scenario and choose their own worst-case solution from their hand (playing hidden). These solutions can be anything the players imagine.

  5. Reveal the Answers: On a designated signal (like a shout of "Worst Case Scenario!"), all players, including the "victim," reveal their chosen solutions.

  6. The "Victim" Chooses the Absolute Worst: The "victim" gets to review all the solutions and declare which one they believe is the absolute worst outcome for the scenario. The humor comes from the unexpected and outrageous solutions players might come up with.

Scoring (Optional):

  • Some versions might have a scoring system. The "victim" might award points to the player who chose the answer they deemed the absolute worst. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

  • In other versions, the focus might be purely on laughter and creating the most absurd or humorous solution to the situation.


Winning the Game

  • The game continues with players taking turns spinning the Victim Wheel, drawing scenarios, choosing solutions, and revealing the "worst" outcome.  Depending on the version, the game might end after a set number of rounds or when a player reaches a specific score (if scoring is used).


  • The game encourages creativity and lighthearted competition as players try to outdo each other with the most disastrous solutions.

  • The Worst-Case Scenario Card Game is a perfect party game to spark laughter and conversation.

  • Remember, the specific rules might vary slightly depending on the version you have, so refer to the game's instructions if available for the most accurate details.

These rules provide a comprehensive guide to playing The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game, ensuring an enjoyable and competitive experience for all players.

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