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Official That Escalated Quickly Rules

That Escalated Quickly is a party card game where players must respond to escalating scenarios with humor and creativity. The game involves players coming up with the funniest or most creative responses to scenarios that escalate in intensity. Here are the rules for playing That Escalated Quickly:


The goal is to have the most fun and be the player whose responses are voted the best by the group.


  • Shuffle the Deck:Shuffle the deck of Scenario Cards and the deck of Response Cards separately.

  • Deal Response Cards:Each player is dealt 5 Response Cards from the deck.

  • Set Up Voting Tokens:Give each player a set of voting tokens (numbered or color-coded).

  • Determine the First Judge:Choose a player to be the first Judge (the Judge role will rotate each round).


  1. Draw a Scenario Card:

    • The Judge draws a Scenario Card and reads it aloud to the group. Scenario Cards describe a situation that escalates in intensity, with three escalating prompts (e.g., "You find a $5 bill on the ground," "You find $100 on the ground," "You find a suitcase full of money on the ground").

  2. Players Submit Responses:

    • Each player selects one Response Card from their hand that they think best or most humorously fits the scenario described by the Judge and places it face down in front of them.

  3. Judge Reads Responses:

    • The Judge shuffles the submitted Response Cards and reads them aloud one by one, without revealing who submitted which card.

  4. Voting:

    • After hearing all the responses, players use their voting tokens to vote for the response they think is the funniest or best. Players cannot vote for their own response.

    • Each player places their voting token face down in front of the Judge. The Judge then reveals the votes and tallies them.

  5. Scoring:

    • The player with the most votes for their response wins the round and earns a point. In case of a tie, both players earn a point.

    • Record the points on the score pad.

  6. Next Round:

    • The role of the Judge rotates to the next player clockwise, and a new round begins with the new Judge drawing a new Scenario Card.

    • Players draw back up to 5 Response Cards if they used any in the previous round.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues for a predetermined number of rounds or until a player reaches a set number of points (e.g., 5 points).

  • The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.


  • Wild Cards: Some Response Cards may be wild cards that can fit any scenario and add an extra layer of humor or creativity.

  • Switch Hand: Players can choose to discard their entire hand of Response Cards and draw 5 new ones once per game if they feel their cards are not suitable.

That Escalated Quickly is a hilarious and creative party game that encourages players to think on their feet and come up with the best responses to escalating scenarios. The game is perfect for parties and gatherings, providing endless laughs and memorable moments.

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