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Official Spoons Rules

Spoons is a hilarious and fast-paced card game that's perfect for larger groups and parties. It's all about collecting sets of cards, keeping an eye on your opponents, and being quick on the draw (or should we say, quick on the grab!) Here's how to play Spoons:


Be the first player to grab a spoon when there are one fewer spoons than players remaining in the game. Avoid being left empty-handed!


Number of Players: 4-13 players (ideally works best with a number that is one less than the number of spoons)


  • Standard deck of 52 playing cards (or multiple decks if you have a larger group)

  • Spoons (enough for one fewer than the number of players)

1. Place the Spoons: In the center of the playing area, arrange the spoons face up within easy reach of all players.

2. Deal the Cards: Shuffle the deck(s) of cards and deal them face down evenly to all players. Depending on the number of players, some might have one or two more cards than others. This is okay.


Spoons is a frantic game of collecting matching cards and grabbing spoons at the opportune moment. Here's how the chaos unfolds:

Turns and Discards:

  • Players take turns in a clockwise direction.

  • On your turn, you draw one card from the top of the deck and add it to your hand face down.

  • Then, you discard one card from your hand face up to a central discard pile in the center of the playing area.

Collecting Sets:

  • The goal is to collect four of a kind (e.g., four Queens, four Sevens). Once you have a complete set, you don't need to reveal it to other players. You can keep it hidden in your hand.

The Spoon Grab:

  • Here's where the excitement begins! As soon as any player (including you) completes a set of four of a kind, they have the option to grab a spoon from the center pile. This can be done at any point during the game, even if it's not your turn!

  • The Scramble: Once someone grabs a spoon, all other players can also try to grab a spoon, creating a mad scramble for the remaining spoons. There's no need to wait for your turn – it's a free-for-all!

Losing a Spoon Round:

  • The players who are left without a spoon after the scramble are out for that round.

  • Keeping Track: You can designate a letter (like S-P-O-O-N-S) and award each eliminated player a letter in the word "Spoons" to track their progress. The first player to spell out the entire word "Spoons" is completely out of the game.

Restock and Continue:

  • After the spoon grab and eliminations, gather the discarded cards and reshuffle them to form a new deck. Deal out the same number of cards to each remaining player (you can discard any leftover cards).

  • Place the remaining spoons back in the center, ensuring there's one fewer spoon than the number of players left in the game.

  • The game continues with the player next in turn after the person who grabbed the last spoon (or the player who discarded before them if nobody grabbed a spoon).

Winning the Game

The last player remaining who hasn't spelled "Spoons" and manages to grab a spoon in the final scramble wins the game!


  • Fake Grabs (Optional): In some variations, players can pretend to grab a spoon even if they don't have a set of four, bluffing their opponents. However, if another player challenges the bluff and they can't produce the matching cards, they might face a penalty (e.g., drawing extra cards).

  • Team Spoons (Optional): For very large groups, consider dividing players into teams and playing cooperatively. Work together to collect sets and strategically grab spoons to eliminate players from opposing teams.

Spoons is a guaranteed laugh riot, perfect for livening up any gathering. It's a simple game to learn but requires quick reflexes and a dash of strategy. So, grab your friends, prepare for some playful chaos, and get ready to scramble for those spoons!

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