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Official Skull Party Game Rules

Skull is a fun and suspenseful card game that combines bluffing and deduction for 3-6 players. It's a quick and easy game to learn, perfect for a party or game night. Here's how to play:


  • Be the first player to win two rounds by successfully bidding on the number of rose cards you think can be flipped without revealing a skull.


1. Gather players: "Skull" is typically played with three to six players.

2. Each player receives an equal number of coasters (or other markers) to represent their bids and a set of cards.

3. Choose a starting player (You can go by age, height, etc)


1. Playing a Round: Each round has these phases:

  • Secret Selection: Simultaneously, all players choose one of their cards (rose or skull) and place it face down on their mat (or face down in front of them if not using mats).

  • Bidding: The starting player can either:

    • Place another card: Play another card face down on their mat, adding to the hidden pile. This option passes the turn to the next player clockwise.

    • Make a Bid: Instead of playing another card, the player declares a number. This number represents the number of rose cards they believe can be flipped sequentially (including their own chosen card) before revealing a skull. For example, a player might bid "2" if they think they and the next player have roses.

  • Bidding Continues: Bidding continues clockwise around the table. Players can either:

    • Raise the Bid: If they think there are more roses than the previous bid, they can raise the number (e.g., bid "3" after a previous bid of "2").

    • Pass: If they're unsure or don't want to raise the bid, they can pass and sit out for the rest of the round.

  • Challenger: Once all players have either passed or raised the bid to the same number, the final bidder becomes the challenger.

2. Flipping Cards: The challenger starts by flipping over the cards in their hidden pile, one by one. They must flip their own card first, then continue revealing cards going clockwise around the table.

  • Reveal Roses: If a rose is revealed, the challenger continues flipping cards until they reach the bid amount or a skull is revealed.

  • Reveal Skull: If a skull is revealed before the challenger reaches their bid amount, the challenger loses the round. All players who passed during bidding discard one card face down.

  • Success: If the challenger successfully flips the number of roses they bid on without revealing a skull, they win the round. All other players discard one card face down.

Winning the Game

  • The first player to win two rounds wins the game!


  • Bluffing: A key element of Skull is bluffing. You can try to mislead other players by placing your skull card face down early or bidding confidently even if you have a skull.

  • Cards in Hand: Remember, throughout the game you have four cards: three roses and one skull. As you play cards and discard, keep track of how many of each type of card you have remaining in your hand.

  • Variations: There are several rule variations for Skull, including using special cards with unique abilities or having players reveal their discarded cards after a round is complete.

"Skull" is a game of bluffing and deduction, where players try to outwit their opponents by placing bids and predicting their opponents' intentions. It's a game that rewards careful observation and strategic thinking. Enjoy playing and trying to outsmart your opponents!

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