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Official Skip-Bo Rules

Skip-Bo is a fast-paced and exciting card game that is all about speed! Here's how to play:


1. Number of Players: 2-6 players (can be played individually or in partnerships)

2. Objective: Be the first player (or team) to discard all the cards in your stock pile.

3. Components:

  • Deck of Skip-Bo cards: Includes numbered cards (1 to 12) and Skip-Bo cards.

  • Four discard piles (one per player/team)

  • Stock pile (face down deck of cards for each player/team)


1. Shuffle the deck and deal a set number of cards face down to each player (usually 30 cards). These are your stock piles.

2. Place the remaining deck face down in the center of the table. This is the draw pile.

3. Each player takes five cards from the top of their stock pile, turns them face up, and places them next to their stock pile. This is your hand.

4. Place four discard piles face up in a row near the draw pile (one for each player/team).


1. The youngest player starts the game and turns proceed clockwise.

2. On your turn, you can take two actions (in any order):

  • Draw Cards: You can draw up to five cards from the draw pile to replenish your hand to five cards.

  • Play Cards: You can play cards from your hand, the top card of your stock pile, or from your discard pile.  There are two ways to play a card:

    • Matching Number or Building Sequence: Play a card on one of the discard piles if it matches the number on the top card of that pile by one (either higher or lower), or if it starts a new building sequence on an empty discard pile (you can start a new pile with any number).

    • Skip-Bo Card: Play a Skip-Bo card on any discard pile, regardless of the number on the top card.  Skip-Bo cards allow you to discard any card from your hand onto that pile.

3. Discarding: After playing cards (or choosing not to play any), you must discard one card from your hand face up to one of your four discard piles. You can choose any discard pile, even if it doesn't allow you to play a card from your hand on it during that turn.

Winning the Game

  • The first player (or team) to discard all the cards in their stock pile wins the game! Once a player discards their last card, they don't need to empty their hand or discard piles.


  • You can only play one card at a time on each discard pile.

  • If you cannot play any cards and your hand is full (five cards), your turn ends.

  • Some variations allow you to discard the top card of your draw pile if you cannot play from your hand or stock pile.

  • The game can be quite fast-paced, so stay alert and plan your plays strategically!

Enjoy playing this fast paced, family friendly card game!

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