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Official Really Loud Librarians Rules

Really Loud Librarians is a fun and engaging party game where players take on the roles of librarians who must shout out answers to various prompts. The game is filled with laughter and chaos as players race against time to come up with the loudest and most creative responses. Here are the rules for playing Really Loud Librarians:


The goal is to score the most points by shouting out correct and creative answers to the prompts before the time runs out.


  • Shuffle the Deck:Shuffle the deck of Prompt Cards thoroughly.

  • Distribute Score Pads:Give each player a score pad and a pen/pencil.

  • Determine the First Reader:Choose a player to be the first Reader (the Reader role will rotate each round).


  1. Draw a Prompt Card:

    • The Reader draws a Prompt Card and reads it aloud to the group. Prompt Cards contain various categories or topics for which players must shout out answers (e.g., "Books with a color in the title," "Authors with three-letter last names," "Genres of literature").

  2. Start the Timer:

    • The Reader starts the timer (e.g., 1 minute).

  3. Shout Out Answers:

    • All players, except the Reader, shout out answers that fit the prompt. Players must be loud and quick to get their answers recognized.

  4. Recording Answers:

    • The Reader writes down the first valid answer they hear for each player. Each player can only have one answer recorded per round.

  5. Scoring:

    • When the timer runs out, the Reader reviews the answers and determines their validity.

    • Players score 1 point for each valid answer they shouted out.

    • If an answer is disputed, the group can vote to decide its validity.

  6. Next Round:

    • The role of the Reader rotates to the next player clockwise, and a new round begins with the new Reader drawing a new Prompt Card.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues for a predetermined number of rounds or until a player reaches a set number of points (e.g., 10 points).

  • The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.


  • Bonus Points: Some Prompt Cards may include special conditions that award bonus points (e.g., "2 points if your answer starts with the letter 'S'").

  • Steal: Players can attempt to steal points by shouting out an answer already given if the original answer is deemed invalid.

Really Loud Librarians is an energetic and hilarious party game that challenges players to think quickly and shout loudly. It's perfect for parties and gatherings, providing endless entertainment and moments of spontaneous fun.

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