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Official Quixx Rules

Quixx is a fast-paced dice game where players aim to mark off as many numbers as possible on their score sheet by rolling dice. Here are the detailed rules for playing Quixx:


  • Quixx Score Sheets: Each player receives a score sheet.

  • 6 Dice: Four colored dice (2 white, 1 red, 1 yellow) and two white dice.


  • Distribute Score Sheets:Each player receives a score sheet and a pencil or pen.

  • Assign Colors to Dice:Ensure each colored die corresponds to the colors on the score sheet (red, yellow, green, blue).

  • Choose a Starting Player:Decide who will start the game by any method (e.g., roll a die, youngest player, etc.).


  1. Starting the Game:

    • The starting player rolls all six dice (4 colored and 2 white).

    • The white dice are considered "wild" and can be combined with any colored die.

  2. Marking Numbers:

    • All players can use the results of the dice to mark off numbers on their score sheets.

    • The active player announces the sum of one white die and one colored die. All players may mark this number on their score sheets.

    • Alternatively, the active player may choose to subtract the sum of one white die and one colored die from 12 and mark off that number on their score sheet. However, this can only be done if the number is available (not already marked off).

    • All players may also use the sum of both white dice, but only if it is equal to or lower than the sum of one white die and one colored die.

  3. End of Turn:

    • After the active player has chosen their combination, their turn ends, and the dice pass to the next player.

  4. Marking Off Numbers:

    • Players mark off numbers from left to right on their score sheet, starting with the "2" at the leftmost position and ending with the "12" at the rightmost position.

    • Once a number is marked off, it cannot be undone.

  5. Penalties:

    • If a player cannot mark off any numbers on their turn, they must take a penalty by marking off one of the four "penalty" boxes on their score sheet.

    • Each penalty box marked at the end of the game deducts 5 points from the player's total score.

Ending the Game:

  • The game ends when one player has marked off at least five numbers on the right side of their score sheet or when two rows have been completed by any player.


  • Players score points based on the number of marked numbers on their score sheet:

    • For each marked number in a row (from 2 to 12), the player earns the corresponding number of points.

    • Subtract 5 points for each penalty box marked.

Winning the Game

  • Score points based on the number of marked numbers in each row:

    • 1 number: 1 point

    • 2 numbers: 3 points

    • 3 numbers: 6 points

    • 4 numbers: 10 points

    • 5 numbers: 15 points

    • 6 numbers: 21 points

    • 7 numbers: 28 points

    • 8 numbers: 36 points

    • 9 numbers: 45 points

  • Subtract points for any penalties (5 points per penalty).

  • The player with the highest score wins.

Strategy Tips

  • Prioritize Rows: Focus on one or two rows to maximize points before spreading out.

  • Avoid Penalties: Try to avoid taking penalties as they can significantly impact your final score.

  • Lock Rows Strategically: Lock rows early if you see others are getting close to doing so to prevent them from scoring high.

Quixx is an exciting and strategic dice game that offers fast-paced gameplay and simple rules, making it suitable for players of all ages.

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