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Official "Poop" Game Rules

"Poop: The Game" is a fun and fast-paced card game where players must strategically play cards to avoid clogging the toilet. Here are the rules for playing "Poop: The Game":


The objective of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all their poop cards without clogging the toilet.


  1. Shuffle the Deck:Shuffle the poop cards and wild cards together to form a single deck.

  2. Deal Cards:Deal 5 poop cards to each player (the number of cards can be adjusted based on the number of players and desired game length).

  3. Set Up the Toilet:Place one toilet card in the center of the playing area. This card indicates the maximum poop capacity before the toilet clogs.


  1. Starting the Game:

    • The player who most recently used a toilet goes first.

  2. Playing Cards:

    • On a player's turn, they play one poop card onto the toilet pile. The value of the poop card adds to the total poop in the toilet.

    • Players must keep track of the total value of the poop in the toilet to avoid exceeding the toilet's capacity.

  3. Toilet Capacity:

    • If a player plays a card that causes the total poop value to exceed the toilet capacity, the toilet clogs.

    • The player who clogged the toilet must pick up all the cards in the toilet pile, and a new toilet card is placed in the center.

  4. Wild Cards:

    • Wild cards can have various effects, such as reversing the order of play, skipping a player’s turn, or reducing the total poop value.

    • Players can play wild cards instead of poop cards on their turn.

Special Rules:

  1. Double Flush:

    • If a player has two identical poop cards, they can play them both at once. However, the total value still counts towards the toilet’s capacity.

  2. Skip and Reverse:

    • Some wild cards allow players to skip the next player or reverse the order of play.

  3. Unclogging the Toilet:

    • Certain wild cards may allow players to reduce the total poop value in the toilet, effectively “unclogging” it.

Winning the Game

  • The first player to successfully play all their poop cards without clogging the toilet wins the game.

Strategy Tips

  • Keep Track of Totals: Always be aware of the current total poop value in the toilet to avoid clogging.

  • Use Wild Cards Wisely: Save wild cards for when you really need to avoid picking up a large pile.

  • Watch Other Players: Pay attention to the cards other players are playing to predict when the toilet might clog.

"Poop: The Game" is a light-hearted and entertaining game that combines strategy and humor. It's perfect for parties and casual gatherings, providing lots of laughs and quick rounds of play.

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