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Official OFF TOPIC Party Game Rules

"Off Topic" is a party game where players come up with answers to various prompts within a set time, all starting with a randomly chosen letter. Here are the basic rules for playing:


  • The goal of "Off Topic" is to come up with answers to prompts that start with the designated letter and score points based on unique or valid answers.


1. Gather Supplies: Ensure each player has a dry erase board and marker.

2. Shuffle Cards: Shuffle the deck of prompt cards.

3. Roll the Die: Roll the 20-sided die to determine the starting letter for the round.


  1. Deal the Prompts:  The first player (youngest or chosen randomly) draws a card from the deck and reveals it to everyone. The card will have multiple prompts, usually one for each available writing space on the whiteboard.

  2. Roll for the Starting Letter:  The same player rolls the die. The number rolled determines the letter that all answers must begin with for this round (e.g., a 3 = "C").

  3. Think Off-Topic, Think Funny!: Set a timer for two minutes (or adjust based on the number of players). During this time, players unleash their creativity and write down the most unique and humorous answers for each prompt on their whiteboards. Remember, all answers must start with the rolled letter!

  4. Reveal and Score:  Once the timer runs out, the laughter (and maybe some groans) begin! Players take turns revealing their answers for each prompt, starting with the first prompt on the card.

  5. Uniqueness is Key: Here's the catch: If two or more players have the same answer for a prompt, no one scores any points for that particular prompt!

    • Unique and Accepted Answers: If your answer is unique (no duplicates) and makes sense within the context of the prompt (even if it's a silly answer), you score one point!

    • Duplicate Answers Get Crossed Out: If your answer matches someone else's, the moderator (usually the starting player) crosses out that prompt on both whiteboards, awarding no points for it.

  6. Moving On:  After scoring each prompt, erase the answers and discard the used Off Topic card. A new player draws a new card, rolls the die, and the next round of off-the-wall creativity commences!

Winning the Game

  • The game can be played for a set number of rounds or until a predetermined score is reached. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.


  • House Rules: Players can introduce house rules or variations to add new challenges or modify the scoring system.

  • Themed Rounds: Players can introduce themed rounds where all prompts are related to a specific category, such as movies, food, or travel.

  • Think Quickly: Try to come up with answers as quickly as possible within the time limit.

  • Be Creative: Unique answers are key to scoring points, so think outside the box and come up with less obvious responses.

  • Know Your Opponents: Consider the knowledge and tendencies of other players to anticipate their answers and avoid duplicates.

"Off Topic" is a fast-paced and entertaining game that encourages quick thinking, creativity, and friendly competition. Whether at parties, family gatherings, or game nights, it provides a fun way to engage with friends and family.

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