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Official Moose Master Party Game Rules

Moose Master is a fast-paced party game that combines elements of memory, reaction time, and a healthy dose of silliness. Here's a breakdown of the rules to get your moose antlers in a twist:


  • Be the last player remaining without accumulating a set number of penalty cards (typically 7).


1. Shuffle both the Moose Master Deck and Moose Rule Deck (if using). Deal two Moose Rule Cards face up in the center of the table. These are the active rules all players must follow throughout the game (unless a card changes them).

2. Deal ten Moose Master Cards face down to each player. This is their draw pile. Place the remaining Moose Master Deck face down in the center of the table.

3. Choose a starting player (can be youngest or deal a card face-up, highest card starts).


1. Playing a Round:

  • On your turn, draw the top card from your draw pile and reveal it to everyone.

  • The card will instruct you to perform a specific action (e.g., rhyme a word, build a story one word at a time) or complete a challenge (e.g., play rock-paper-scissors).

2. Following Instructions:

  • Quickly follow the instructions on the card. Be mindful of the two active Moose Rule Cards in play, as they might restrict your actions or communication.

  • All players, including the one who drew the card, must be attentive and ready to react based on the card's instruction.

3. Spotting Mistakes:

  • Every player is responsible for watching and listening to others. If they catch someone breaking a rule (either the instructions on the drawn card or the active Moose Rule Cards), they must call out the mistake immediately.

4. Penalty for Mistakes:

  • If a player breaks a rule and gets called out, they receive a penalty card. Draw a card from the penalty deck and place it face up in front of you.

5. Discarding and Drawing:

  • After completing the action or challenge on the drawn card, discard it to a separate discard pile.

  • Draw another card from your draw pile to replenish your hand.

6. Running Out of Cards:

  • If a player runs out of cards in their draw pile, they can immediately draw one card from the main Moose Master Deck as a reward for staying on top of the game.

7. Elimination:

  • The game continues until one player reaches the designated number of penalty cards (e.g., 7). This player is eliminated from the game.

  • Remove the eliminated player's cards from the game. Moose Master (The Card):

    • There might be a special card in the deck called "Moose Master." If drawn, the player who drew it becomes the temporary Moose Master. They can avoid receiving a penalty card for breaking a rule by immediately placing both hands on their head to resemble antlers. However, if another player reacts faster and makes the antler gesture before the Moose Master, the penalty goes to the original Moose Master, and the new Moose Master is the player who made the antler gesture first.

Winning the Game

  • Continue playing with the remaining players. The last player left without reaching the penalty card limit wins the game and is declared the Moose Master!


  • Stay Alert: Pay close attention to the drawn cards and active Moose Rule Cards to avoid breaking any rules.

  • Be Observant: Watch and listen to other players to catch their mistakes and call them out for penalty cards.

  • Think Fast: React quickly to the instructions and challenges on the cards.

  • Embrace the Silliness: Don't take the game too seriously. Have fun with the silly rules and challenges!

Moose Master is a game that's easy to learn but can lead to hilarious situations and quick thinking. So gather your friends and family, prepare for some laughs, and see who reigns supreme as the ultimate Moose Master!

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