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Official Monopoly Bid Rules

Monopoly Bid is a fast-playing card game based on the classic Monopoly board game, but with a focus on exciting auctions and strategic bidding. Here's a breakdown of the rules:


Be the first player to collect three complete property sets (indicated by color) and win the game!


1. Shuffle the Decks: Shuffle both the Property card deck and the Money card deck separately.

2. Deal Starting Hands: Deal five Money cards face down to each player. These represent the cash you'll use for bidding in auctions.

3. Property Card Draw Pile: Place the Property card deck face down in the center of the playing area. This is the draw pile for the auctioned properties.pen_spark


The game is played in rounds. Here's what happens in each round:

  1. Choose the Auction Host:  Players take turns being the Auction Host, usually going clockwise. The Auction Host draws one card from the Property deck and looks at it face down (without revealing it to other players). This is the property that will be up for auction.

  2. Play Action Cards (Optional):  Depending on the version of the game you have, the Auction Host might be allowed to play Action cards before the bidding starts. These cards can have various effects, such as forcing other players to discard money or allowing the Host to peek at the top card of the Money card deck.

  3. Bidding Begins: The Auction Host announces, "Ready, Set, Bid!"

  4. Secret Bidding: All players simultaneously choose a certain number of Money cards from their hand, representing their secret bid for the property. They hold these cards face down in front of them.

  5. Reveal Bids: On the count of three, all players reveal the Money cards they chose for their bid.

  6. Highest Bidder Wins: The player who bid the most money wins the auction and claims the property card. They discard the Money cards they used for their bid.

  7. Ties (Optional):  Some versions of Monopoly Bid have rules for resolving ties in bidding. This might involve another round of bidding or allowing the tied players to add more Money cards to their bids.

  8. No Bids: If no players participate in the bidding or everyone bids zero, the property card is discarded face down into a discard pile, and a new round begins.

  9. New Round: The player to the left of the Auction Host becomes the new Auction Host, draws a new Property card, and the bidding process starts again.

Winning the Game

The game continues with players collecting Property cards through auctions. The first player to collect three complete sets of properties (all properties of the same color) wins the game!


  • Discarding Money Cards: After winning or losing an auction, players discard the Money cards they used in their bid.

  • Drawing New Money Cards: At the beginning of their turn (if not the Auction Host), players can draw back up to five Money cards from the deck to replenish their bidding power.

  • Fast-Paced and Exciting:  Monopoly Bid offers a quick and engaging gameplay experience compared to the classic Monopoly board game. The blind bidding adds a layer of excitement and strategy, making it a great choice for a fun game night with friends and family.

  • Action Card Variations:  Depending on the specific version of Monopoly Bid you have, there might be different Action cards with unique abilities, adding more variety to the gameplay.

So grab your money and get ready to bid strategically in Monopoly Bid!

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