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Official Mishy Match Rules (The Hardest Easy Game Ever)

Mishy Match: The Hardest Easy Game Ever is a challenging and engaging card game that combines elements of matching, memory, and strategy. Here are the rules and an overview of how to play:


Get rid of all your cards by correctly identifying the color and animal on the card you play.


1. Shuffle the Deck: Mix the deck of cards thoroughly and place it face down within reach of all players.

2. Deal the Cards: Evenly distribute all the cards amongst the players, dealing them face down so you can't see your own hand.


The game follows a quick and sometimes tongue-twisting turn structure:

1. Round Start:

  • The youngest player starts the game and plays first. In subsequent rounds, the turn order moves clockwise.

2. Play and Identify:

  • On your turn, flip the top card from your hand face up into a central discard pile.

  • Here's the tricky part:  As you reveal the card, verbally announce two things quickly and clearly:

    • The Color: Identify the color of the word itself that spells out the animal's name on the card. (For example, if the card shows a yellow chick, you would say "YELLOW").

    • The Animal:  Then, state the name of the animal pictured on the card. (Continuing the example, you would say "YELLOW CHICK" after flipping the yellow chick card).

3. Speak Clearly and Quickly:

  • This is where the "hardest easy game" aspect comes in. You need to think and speak quickly, blurting out both the color and the animal on the card you played.

  • Pausing for too long, stumbling over your words, or saying the wrong information counts as a mistake.

4. Penalty for Mistakes:

  • If you make a mistake by saying the wrong color, animal, or taking too long, you must take the entire discard pile (including the card you just played) and add it to your hand as a penalty.

5. Special Cards (Optional):

  • Some versions of Mishy Match might include special cards with unique instructions. These cards could involve drawing additional cards, swapping hands with another player, or adding a new challenge to the round. Follow the specific instructions on the special card you draw.

6. Ending Your Turn:

  • After successfully announcing the color and animal on your card (without fumbling), your turn ends, and play moves to the next player in turn order.

Winning the Game

The first player to successfully get rid of all their cards wins the game and becomes the master of quick color and animal identification!


  • Practice Makes Perfect:  Saying the color and animal quickly can be tricky at first. Try practicing beforehand to improve your speed and accuracy.

  • Focus on the Word: Don't get confused by the animal picture. Your primary focus should be on saying the color of the word itself, not the color of the animal.

  • Think Fast, Speak Faster:  The key is to think of both the color and animal simultaneously and blurt them out quickly before you overthink it.

Mishy Match: The Hardest Easy Game Ever lives up to its name by offering a simple yet challenging gameplay experience that tests your ability to think and speak quickly. It's a perfect game for families and game nights that will have you laughing and fumbling over your words in a fun and lighthearted way.

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