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Official Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Strategy

Magic: the Gathering's Outlaws of Thunder Junction (OTJ) injects a wild west theme with exciting new mechanics and familiar themes. Here's a breakdown of the rules and strategies specific to OTJ:

New Mechanics

1. Plot: This special action allows you to choose a card from your hand and place it face down on the table. You can only cast this card on your next main phase, adding a layer of strategic planning.

2. Saddle: Creatures with Saddle X can tap X other creatures you control with a total power X or greater to gain a bonus effect when they attack. This encourages building a board with smaller creatures to buff your larger ones.

3. Outlaw: This creature type ties into various cards with effects that benefit from having Outlaws in play. Consider building a deck focused on this creature type to maximize these synergies.

4. Spree: Some spells have a "spree" cost, allowing you to pay an additional cost for extra effects. This adds flexibility and power to your spells, but requires careful mana management.

Strategies for OTJ

  • Plan Your Plots: Utilize the plot mechanic to set up powerful plays for the next turn. Consider using it on creatures with summoning sickness or spells that require specific situations.

  • Master the Saddle: Build a creature base that allows you to effectively utilize the Saddle mechanic. Aggro decks (focusing on aggressive creatures) benefit greatly from this, allowing smaller creatures to empower your larger attackers.

  • Go All Out with Outlaws: If you choose to build an Outlaw-focused deck, explore cards that reward you for having multiple Outlaws in play. This can lead to powerful combos and overwhelming board presence.

  • Manage Your Spree: Evaluate the "spree" cost of spells carefully. While the extra effects are tempting, don't overextend your mana resources.

  • Drafting Strategies (For Limited Play):Green seems to be a strong color in OTJ due to its focus on creatures, but be mindful of overdrafting it.
    Red and White also offer strong options for aggressive decks that can capitalize on the Saddle mechanic.
    Blue and Black provide control options and strategic removal, allowing you to disrupt your opponent's plans.

General Magic Strategies Still Apply:

  • Mana Curve: Maintain a balanced mana curve in your deck, ensuring you have enough lands to cast your spells at the right time.

  • Creature Removal: Include removal spells to deal with threats your creatures can't handle.

  • Card Advantage: Prioritize cards that generate card advantage, allowing you to have more resources than your opponent.

Additional Resources:

  • You can find more detailed information about the specific mechanics and cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction by searching online for "MTGOtJ mechanics" or "MTGOtJ card list".

  • Several websites and channels offer strategic advice and decklists specifically for OTJ draft and constructed play.


Remember, these are just starting points! Experiment with different deck archetypes (styles) and mechanics to find what works best for you. Enjoy exploring the lawless world of Outlaws of Thunder Junction!

"Magic: The Gathering" is a deep and dynamic game that rewards strategic thinking, deckbuilding creativity, and adaptability. With practice and experience, you can develop your skills and become a formidable duelist in

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