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Official Llamas Unleashed Rules

"Llamas Unleashed" is a card game by the creators of "Unstable Unicorns," featuring llamas and other whimsical creatures. Here are the rules for "Llamas Unleashed":


The objective of Llamas Unleashed is to be the first player to build a stable of 7 animals, which can include llamas, goats, rams, alpacas, and other creatures, while using action cards to hinder opponents.


  • Shuffle the Deck:Shuffle the deck of Llamas Unleashed cards.

  • Deal Cards:Deal each player 5 cards to form their starting hand.

  • Prepare the Stable:Each player starts with 1 baby animal card in their stable.


  1. Turn Sequence:

    • Players take turns clockwise. On your turn, you may take one action:

      • Draw a Card: Draw one card from the deck.

      • Play a Card: Play a card from your hand.

  2. Card Types:

    • Baby Animal Cards: These are basic animals that start in your stable.

    • Basic Animal Cards: Play these cards to build your stable.

    • Special Animal Cards: These have unique effects and abilities.

    • Action Cards: Use these to disrupt opponents or protect yourself.

  3. Building Your Stable:

    • To build your stable, play animal cards from your hand in front of you.

    • Each player can only have one animal card of each type (e.g., one llama, one goat) in their stable at a time.

    • You win the game when you have a stable of 7 animals, including at least one llama.

  4. Action Cards:

    • Action cards have various effects, such as allowing you to draw cards, steal animals from opponents, or block actions.

Winning the Game

The first player to have a stable of 7 animals, including at least one llama, wins the game.


Additional Rules:

  • Discarding: If you have more than 7 cards in your hand at the end of your turn, discard down to 7 cards.

  • Attacks and Defenses: Some action cards can be used to attack opponents or defend against attacks.


  • Team Play: Players can form teams and work together to build their stables.

  • Custom Rules: Players can create house rules to add complexity or tailor the game to their preferences.

Llamas Unleashed combines strategy and whimsy with its unique blend of animal characters and action-packed gameplay. It's a fun game for players of all ages who enjoy building collections of quirky creatures while using cunning strategies to outwit opponents.

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