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Official James Bond Rules

James Bond is a fast-paced matching and collection card game that offers more strategy and memory challenges for players who enjoy a bit more complexity. Here's how to play:


The objective of James Bond is to be the first player to collect four of a kind in each of the piles in front of you.


  • Deck Preparation:Remove the Jokers from the deck.
    Shuffle the deck thoroughly.

  • Dealing the Cards:Deal the entire deck evenly among the players. Some players may have one more card than others if the deck doesn’t divide evenly.


  1. Setting Up Piles:

    • Each player creates four piles of four cards each in front of them. Players should look at their own cards to decide the initial setup.

    • The remaining cards are kept in the player’s hand.

  2. Game Start:

    • On the count of three, all players start the game simultaneously.

    • Players can only use one hand to play.

    • Players take one card at a time from their hand and try to replace cards in their piles to form four of a kind in each pile.

  3. Swapping Cards:

    • Players swap cards from their hand with cards from their piles in an effort to get four cards of the same rank in each pile.

    • Once a player has a card they want to swap, they place the unwanted card face up in the center of the playing area.

  4. Drawing Cards:

    • Players can draw from the face-up pile in the center if they need a specific card for their piles. They can take cards one at a time and add them to their hand or place them in their piles.

Winning the Game

  • The first player to get four of a kind in each of their four piles shouts "James Bond!" and wins the game.


  1. Fair Play:

    • Players must play with only one hand.

    • No player should obstruct or cover the center pile of cards.

  2. Ending the Game:

    • If no player has achieved four of a kind in all piles and the center pile is exhausted, the game continues with players taking turns drawing from each other's discarded cards.

Tips for Playing:

  1. Speed:

    • James Bond is a fast-paced game, so quick decision-making is crucial.

  2. Observation:

    • Pay attention to the cards other players are discarding to anticipate their moves.

  3. Strategy:

    • Prioritize forming one pile at a time to quickly achieve four of a kind in each pile.

For those who enjoy fast-paced strategy card games with a memory element, James Bond is the perfect game for you!

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