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Official Imploding Kittens Expansion Set Rules

Imploding Kittens is the first expansion of the popular card game Exploding Kittens. It introduces new cards and a new gameplay mechanic, adding more variety and excitement to the game. Here are the rules for playing with the Imploding Kittens Expansion Set:


The objective remains the same as in the base game of Exploding Kittens: be the last player standing who has not drawn an Exploding Kitten card and been eliminated.


  1. Combine Decks:Shuffle the 20 new cards from the Imploding Kittens expansion into the original Exploding Kittens deck.

  2. Add the Imploding Kitten:Include the Imploding Kitten card in the deck.
    The Imploding Kitten card is not a part of the initial deal but is shuffled into the draw pile.

  3. Cone of Shame:Keep the Cone of Shame nearby for use during the game.


  1. Turn Sequence:

    • Players continue to take turns in a clockwise direction, following the same basic rules as the original game: draw a card, play any number of cards, and end your turn.

  2. Imploding Kitten Card:

    • Drawing the Imploding Kitten:

      • The first time a player draws the Imploding Kitten card, they must put it back into the draw pile face up at any location they choose.

      • This card, when face up, does not cause immediate elimination.

    • Activating the Imploding Kitten:

      • When a player draws the face-up Imploding Kitten card, they are immediately eliminated from the game, and the card is removed from play. It cannot be defused.

  3. New Action Cards:

    • Alter the Future:

      • Look at the top three cards of the draw pile, then rearrange and place them back in any order.

    • Draw from the Bottom:

      • Draw the bottom card from the draw pile instead of the top card.

    • Reverse:

      • Reverse the order of play (if playing clockwise, change to counterclockwise, and vice versa).

    • Targeted Attack:

      • End your turn without drawing a card, and force any other player to take two turns in a row.

  4. Cone of Shame:

    • The first player to forget the turn order must wear the Cone of Shame until another player makes the same mistake.

Winning the Game

The last player who has not drawn an Exploding Kitten or face-up Imploding Kitten wins the game.


  • Defensive Actions: The expansion maintains the same defensive actions and strategies as the original game.

  • Combining with Other Expansions: If you own other expansions like Streaking Kittens, you can combine them all for a more varied and unpredictable game.

Imploding Kittens adds new strategies and fun twists to the original Exploding Kittens game. With new action cards and the unpredictable Imploding Kitten card, the game becomes even more dynamic and engaging.

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