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Official I Should Have Known That Rules

"I Should Have Known That" is actually the name of a trivia game, not a specific set of rules! Here's a breakdown of how the game works:


  • Deck of Cards (16 cards): Each card features a character from the royal court with a special ability (e.g., Guard, Priest, Countess).


1. Shuffle the deck and deal one card face down to each player. The remaining deck is placed face down in the center of the table.

2. Choose a starting player (can be youngest or through a simple game like rolling a die).


1. Playing a Round:

  • On your turn, draw one card from the deck and choose one of the two cards you now hold (the one you just drew or the one from your hand).

  • Play the Chosen Card: Reveal the chosen card and declare its ability based on the character depicted. Each character has a unique power that affects other players in various ways (e.g., forcing them to discard a card, guessing their hand, eliminating them from the round).

  • Resolve the Ability: Follow the instructions on the card you played. This might involve discarding a card yourself, guessing another player's hand, or forcing another player out of the round.

2. End of Turn:

  • After resolving the ability of your played card, discard it face up to a discard pile.

  • The turn moves to the next player in clockwise order.

3. Special Rules:

  • Limited Information: You cannot reveal the other card in your hand to other players.

  • Deduction is Key: By observing played cards and player reactions, you can try to deduce the value and abilities of remaining cards in the hands of other players.

  • Elimination: If your card's ability eliminates another player from the round, that player discards their hand face down and is out for the rest of the round.

  • Empty Deck: If the deck runs out before the round ends, the round is over. Remaining players reveal their cards, and the highest-valued card wins.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues for multiple rounds. Players typically win a pre-determined number of rounds (e.g., 3 rounds) to win the game.


  • Pay attention to discarded cards: This can help you narrow down the possibilities of which cards remain in the deck and other players' hands.

  • Bluffing can be effective: Sometimes, pretending to have a powerful card can influence other players' actions.

  • Choose your targets wisely: Consider who might have the highest-valued cards or who might have abilities that could hinder you.

I hope this clarifies the rules of "I Should Have Known That"!

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