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Official Here to Slay Rules

Here to Slay is a strategic card game by Unstable Unicorns, designed for 2 to 6 players. It combines elements of role-playing and deck-building as players assemble a party of heroes to defeat monsters and achieve victory.


The objective of Here to Slay is to be the first player to either:

  1. Collect a full party of six different classes of heroes.

  2. Slay three monsters.


1. Separate Decks: Separate the deck into Hero, Item, Magic, Challenge, Modifier, and Monster cards.

2. Distribute Player Boards: Each player receives a player board.

3. Deal Cards:Each player starts with five cards from the main deck (Hero, Item, Magic, Challenge, Modifier cards mixed). Place the Monster cards in a separate deck, shuffled, with three Monster cards revealed and placed face-up in the center of the play area.

4. Choose Starting Player: Determine who goes first using any preferred method.

Types of Cards

  • Hero Cards: These cards form the backbone of your party.

  • Item Cards: These cards equip your heroes with special abilities.

  • Magic Cards: These cards have various effects that can alter gameplay.

  • Challenge Cards: These cards can interrupt opponents' actions.

  • Modifier Cards: These cards adjust dice rolls.

  • Monster Cards: These cards are the adversaries players must defeat.


  1. Turn Sequence:

    • On your turn, you have three action points to spend on the following actions:

      • Draw a Card (costs 1 action point): Draw one card from the main deck.

      • Play a Hero Card (costs 1 action point): Place a Hero card from your hand into your party.

      • Play an Item Card (costs 1 action point): Attach an Item card to a Hero in your party.

      • Play a Magic Card (costs 1 action point): Apply the effect of a Magic card.

      • Attack a Monster (costs 2 action points): Attempt to defeat one of the face-up Monster cards by rolling two six-sided dice and applying any modifiers.

      • Challenge: Use a Challenge card to interrupt another player’s action.

  2. End of Turn: Your turn ends after using all action points or choosing to end your turn early.

Special Rules:

  1. Hero Abilities:

    • Each Hero card has a unique ability that can be used once per turn.

  2. Modifiers:

    • Modifier cards can be played to increase or decrease dice rolls during attacks or other actions requiring dice.

  3. Challenges:

    • Challenge cards can be played to prevent an opponent from completing an action. Both players roll a die, adding modifiers. If the challenger wins, the action is canceled.

Winning the Game

  • Party Victory: The first player to collect a full party of six different hero classes wins the game.

  • Monster Victory: The first player to slay three monsters wins the game.


  • Playing a Hero: If you have a Mage Hero card in your hand, you can play it into your party for 1 action point.

  • Attacking a Monster: To attack a revealed Monster, you roll two dice, add any modifiers, and try to meet or exceed the Monster's defense value. If successful, you slay the Monster and add it to your victory pile.

Here to Slay is an exciting mix of strategy and luck, requiring players to carefully build their party, equip their heroes, and tactically defeat monsters while managing their resources and countering opponents' actions.

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