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Official Happy Little Dinosaurs Rules

Happy Little Dinosaurs is a fun and competitive card game for 2-4 players that combines luck, strategy, and a dash of prehistoric charm.


  • The objective of the game is to be the first player to reach 50 points or be the last dinosaur standing  by avoiding disasters and collecting points.


  • Deal 5 cards face down to each player.

  • Place the remaining cards face down in two separate draw piles: disaster deck and standard deck.

  • Each player chooses a dinosaur meeple and places it on the starting space of their corresponding player board.


Playing a Round

  • Each round consists of two phases: Disaster Phase and Point Phase.

  • Disaster Phase

    • The first player flips the top card from the disaster deck and reads it aloud. The disaster can be a natural disaster (meteor shower), a predator attack (T-Rex on the loose!), or an emotional meltdown (stage fright!).

    • Depending on the disaster, players might lose points or be forced to discard cards.

  • Point Phase

    • Players take turns playing point cards from their hand. These cards represent various items the dinosaurs use to survive, like weapons, tools, and good luck charms. Each card has a point value.

    • The goal is to collect sets of matching point cards (e.g., three spices or four jewels) to score more points. You can also play individual cards for their base value.

    • After all players have played a card (or chosen to discard if they have nothing useful), whoever has the most points scored during that round claims a Seal of Excellence token. This token brings you closer to victory!

Winning the Game

  • The first player to collect three Seals of Excellence tokens or the last dinosaur standing after a disaster wipes out the competition wins the game!


  • Pay attention to the cards being played and discarded by other players to strategize your own collection and avoid ending up with useless cards.

  • Don't be afraid to use Instant cards to manipulate the game in your favor. These cards can help you steal points from others, avoid disasters, or peek at the upcoming disaster card.

  • Remember, it's not just about collecting points, but also about managing your resources and avoiding disasters to survive the prehistoric world!

Happy Little Dinosaurs is a light-hearted and fun game that is perfect for families and game nights with friends. So gather your fellow dinosaur enthusiasts, and get ready to see who can survive the most and become the ultimate Happy Little Dinosaur!

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