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Official Hanabi Strategy Game Rules

Hanabi is a cooperative card game where players work together to create a beautiful fireworks display (Hanabi translates to "fireworks" in Japanes!). Here's how to play:


  • Work together as a team to play all five firework colors (one set of each numbered card from 1 to 5) in the correct order before running out of tokens or information discards.


1. Setup: Shuffle the deck and deal cards face down to each player (usually 4-5 cards depending on player count). Place the blue and red tokens next to the deck.

2. Starting Player: Choose a starting player (can be youngest or through a simple game like rolling a die).


Playing a Round: Each round has these phases for the starting player:

  • Give Information (Optional): You can give a hint to one other player about the value or color of the cards in their hand. You can't say specific card numbers or colors, but you can use phrases like "you have two blue cards" or "there are no 3s in your hand."

  • Discard a Card (Optional): You can discard any card from your hand face up to the discard pile. This might be useful if you have a duplicate or a card you can't use strategically. You gain a red token for discarding.

  • Play a Card (Mandatory): You must play a card face up in front of you to start or add to a firework pile. The card must either:

    • Start a new firework pile of its color (number 1).

    • Be the next number in sequence for an existing firework pile of the same color.

  • End of Turn: After taking one of the above actions, the turn goes to the player to your left.

Special Rules:

  • Information Restrictions: You can only give information about one player's hand per turn.

  • Limited Knowledge: You cannot look at your own cards during the game. You rely on information from other players to understand your hand.

  • Mistakes: If you play an incorrect card (wrong color or number that doesn't follow the sequence), discard it face up and take a blue token. If you run out of blue tokens, the game ends in a loss.

  • Limited Discards: You can only discard three cards throughout the entire game (represented by the red tokens). Use them strategically!

Winning the Game

  • You win the game if you successfully play all five firework colors (1-5) in the correct order before running out of blue tokens or red tokens.


  • Hanabi is a challenging and cooperative game that requires communication and deduction skills.

  • The limited information and hidden hands create a fun puzzle-solving experience as you work together to create the perfect fireworks display.

  • There are several variations and expansions available for Hanabi, offering new challenges and card abilities.

"Hanabi" requires teamwork, communication, and deduction to successfully coordinate the fireworks displays. Enjoy the challenge of creating a beautiful spectacle together!

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