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Official Guess in 10 Card Game Rules

Here are the rules for Guess in 10, a fun family game where players use yes or no questions to guess a secret card:


  • Be the first player (or team) to correctly guess the secret card by asking yes or no questions within ten attempts.


1. Shuffle the deck and deal one card face down to a chosen player (the guesser). This card becomes the secret card.

2. The remaining deck is placed face down in the center of the table (unused in the current round).

3. If using a scoreboard, set it up to track points.


1. Playing a Round:

  • The guesser looks at the secret card but keeps it hidden from other players.

  • Other players (the questioners) take turns asking the guesser yes or no questions to help them identify the secret card.

2. Asking Questions:

  • Players can ask any question that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no."

  • The guesser cannot provide any hints or additional information beyond "yes" or "no."

  • If a player asks a question that cannot be answered with a yes or no, it does not count as one of their ten questions.

3. Making a Guess:

  • After asking questions, the guesser can attempt to identify the secret card at any point. They can say, "I think it's the..." and name the card they believe it to be.

4. Resolving the Round:

  • Correct Guess: If the guesser correctly identifies the secret card, they win the round (or earn points on the scoreboard).

  • Incorrect Guess: If the guesser makes an incorrect guess after using all ten questions or makes an incorrect guess before using all ten questions, they lose the round.

5. New Round:

  • After a round is resolved, a new round begins:

    • Shuffle the deck again (if necessary).

    • Deal a new face-down card to a different player to become the new guesser.

    • Continue playing rounds until a predetermined number of rounds are played (as decided by players before starting).

Winning the Game

  • The first player (or team) to reach a predetermined number of points (from winning rounds) wins the game!


1. Optional Rules:

  • Clue Cards (if included): Some versions of Guess in 10 might include clue cards. These cards offer additional information about the secret card but can only be used after a certain number of questions have been asked (as specified by the game rules).

  • Team Play: You can modify the game for team play. Divide players into teams, and each team takes turns asking questions and guessing the secret card collectively.

2. Tips for Guessers:

  • Pay close attention to the questions being asked to see if they reveal any patterns or eliminate possibilities.

  • Try to categorize the secret card based on the questions asked (e.g., animal, object, location).

3. Tips for Questioners:

  • Ask broad questions initially to narrow down the possibilities.

  • Follow up on previous questions to refine your understanding.

  • Work together (if playing in teams) to eliminate possibilities and share ideas.

Skillmatics Card Game "Guess in 10" is a simple yet engaging game that promotes critical thinking and communication skills. So gather your friends or family, grab the deck, and have fun guessing!

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