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Official Eleusis Rules

Eleusis is a fun and thought-provoking card game that combines elements of deduction and social interaction. Here's a breakdown of the rules to get you started:


Be the first player to correctly guess the secret rule that governs how cards are played in a round.


1. Choose the "God": In each round, one player is designated as the "God" (sometimes called "Nature" or "Demiurge"). This player will create the secret rule for the round. The "God" role typically rotates among players after each round.

2. Shuffle the Deck: The remaining players shuffle the deck(s) of cards.

3. Deal the Cards: Deal a set number of cards face down to each player except the "God." The number of cards dealt can vary depending on the game variant (typically 12-14 cards).

4. Starter Card (Optional): In some variations, the "God" reveals a single card face up to start the playing sequence.


The core of Eleusis revolves around figuring out the secret rule the "God" has chosen for the round. Here's how it plays:

Playing Turns:

  • Players take turns playing a card face up from their hand to a central playing area, trying to follow the unknown rule.

  • "God's" Feedback: After each card is played, the "God" simply responds with "Right" or "Wrong" depending on whether the played card follows the secret rule. They don't provide any further clues.

Guessing the Rule:

  • Players can try to guess the secret rule at any point during their turn, even if they haven't played a card yet in that round.

  • Successful Guess: If a player correctly guesses the rule, they win the round and score points (depending on the variation).

Prophet Role (Optional):

  • Some variations include a "Prophet" role. A player can declare themselves a Prophet on their turn, claiming they know the rule. If their guess is correct, the Prophet scores bonus points, and the round ends. However, if their guess is wrong, they face a penalty (e.g., drawing extra cards).

End of Round:

  • The round ends when a player successfully guesses the secret rule.


Scoring systems can vary, but players typically score points for correctly guessing the rule, having cards remaining in their hand at the end (meaning they played fewer unnecessary cards), and for acting as a successful Prophet (if applicable).


  • Eleusis Express: This faster version eliminates the Prophet role and allows players to openly guess the rule after any valid card play. A wrong guess results in a penalty (e.g., drawing one extra card).

  • Multiple Rules: In some variations, the "God" can choose a more complex rule with multiple conditions. Players need to figure out all the aspects of the rule to be successful.

Eleusis is a great game for those who enjoy a mental challenge and social deduction. It encourages logical thinking, observation, and a bit of risk-taking as players try to decipher the hidden logic behind the card play.

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