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Official QUOKKA Don't BEE Last Rules

"QUOKKA Don't Bee Last" is a variation of the classic card game "Don't Be Last," featuring adorable quokka-themed cards. Here are the rules for "QUOKKA Don't Bee Last":


The objective of QUOKKA Don't BEE Last is to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand.


What you'll need:

  • Deck of QUOKKA cards (containing various colored cards and special BEE cards)

  • Slapping surface (like a table)

  • Playing space with enough room for the card pile

Number of Players:

QUOKKA Don't BEE Last can be enjoyed by 2 to 6 players.

Setting Up:

  1. Shuffle the Deck: Shuffle the deck of QUOKKA cards thoroughly. Place the deck face down within reach of all players.

  2. Starting Player: Determine who goes first (randomly or by specific rules depending on the version).


Deal Starting Cards (Optional):  Some versions might have players draw a few starting cards to hold in their hand face down.

  1. Flip and Reveal Cards: The designated player (based on turn order) flips the top card of the deck and places it face up in the center of the playing space, creating a discard pile.

  2. Observe the Card: All players look at the revealed card. The card can be one of two types:

    • Regular Colored Card: These cards simply display a specific color (like blue, green, yellow, etc.). There's no special action required when a regular colored card is revealed.

    • BEE Card: This card has a bee icon and signifies an immediate action.

  3. Fast Slapping Action (For BEE Cards): When a BEE card is revealed, all players must quickly slap the discard pile (the topmost card) with their hand. The goal is to be the fastest to slap the pile.

  4. Consequences: Here's what happens depending on who slaps first:

    • Fastest Slap (Correct): If the player who slapped first successfully identified the BEE card, they avoid any penalty and the game continues to the next round.

    • Fastest Slap (Incorrect): If the player who slapped first mistakenly slapped the pile for a regular colored card (not a BEE card), they are penalized. The penalty typically involves collecting all the cards from the discard pile (including the revealed card) and adding them to their hand (making it harder to discard cards later).

    • Slowpoke: Players who didn't slap the pile at all or slapped it too slowly after the BEE card reveal face no penalty, but they also don't avoid any accumulated cards in their hand.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues with players flipping cards, slapping the pile for BEE cards, and potentially collecting penalties for incorrect or slow slaps. The player who runs out of cards in their hand first wins the game and is declared the QUOKKA champion (avoiding the "bee" status of having cards left)!


  • The fast-paced nature and potential for silly mistakes due to slapping the pile at the wrong time create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

  • Some versions might have additional rules or variations, like:

    • Special "Skip Turn" cards that can be used strategically.

    • A limited number of "slaps" allowed per player per round (after exceeding the limit, they automatically collect the discard pile).

The specific rules might vary slightly depending on the version of QUOKKA Don't BEE Last you have. Refer to the game's instructions if available for the most accurate details.

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