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Official DO or Drink Rules

Do or Drink is a quick and social game that can liven up any party. However, due to its alcohol consumption element, it's important to be aware of safe drinking practices and ensure everyone playing is of legal drinking age. Here's a breakdown of the rules:


Complete the dares (Do) or take a drink (Drink) based on the card drawn. The goal is to avoid drinking excessively while having fun and completing challenges.

Number of Players: 3 or more players


  • Deck of cards (standard deck or cards with "Do or Drink" written on them)

  • Drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic depending on the preference of the players)


1. Separate the deck (optional): If you're using a standard deck, separate the black cards from the red cards. Black cards can be "Do" cards and red cards can be "Drink" cards. If you have a deck specifically designed for "Do or Drink," shuffle them all together.

2. Decide on a starting player: You can choose the youngest or oldest player, or simply have someone volunteer to go first.


1. Draw a card: The first player draws a card from the deck and reads it aloud.

2. Do or Drink:

  • Do: If it's a "Do" card (black card or card labeled "Do"), follow the instruction on the card. These can be dares or challenges that you must perform.

  • Drink: If it's a "Drink" card (red card or card labeled "Drink"), take a sip of your drink.

3. Next player: Play continues clockwise to the next player who draws a card and follows the instructions.

Winning the Game

  • You decide who "wins" and "loses


  • Always drink responsibly. Pace yourself and don't feel pressured to drink excessively. Take breaks if needed.

  • House Rules: Feel free to create your own house rules, like assigning point values to dares or incorporating forfeits for not completing dares.

Remember, "Do or Drink" is meant to be a lighthearted and entertaining game that encourages laughter and social interaction. Be sure to play responsibly and know your limits when it comes to drinking.

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