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Official "Disturbed Friends (A Party Game)" Rules

Disturbed Friends is a party game designed to test friendships and reveal players' darkest secrets through a series of provocative and uncomfortable questions. Here are the detailed rules for playing Disturbed Friends:


What you'll need:

  • Deck of Disturbed Friends cards (containing Question Cards, Answer Cards, and Winning Cards)

  • Voting cards (one per player)

  • Playing space with enough room for the card piles and discard area

Number of Players:

Disturbed Friends can be enjoyed by 3 to 10 players, making it perfect for lively gatherings.


1. Separate the Decks:  Shuffle the decks of Question Cards, Answer Cards, and Winning Cards separately. Place them face down within reach of all players.

2. Grab Your Voting Cards: Each player receives a voting card (sometimes marked with letters A, B, or C) to secretly choose their answer.

3. Choose the Judge: Determine who goes first as the Judge (randomly or by specific rules depending on the version).


A round of Disturbed Friends consists of a Judge asking a disturbing question, players voting on the "most disturbed" answer, and the Judge revealing their own disturbing pick. Here's a breakdown:

  1. Judge Draws a Question Card: The designated Judge draws a card from the Question Card deck and reads the question aloud to all players.  These questions can be crude, unethical, or downright disturbing, setting the stage for dark humor.

  2. Players Vote Secretly:  Each player secretly chooses the answer they think the Judge would find the most "disturbed" using their voting card (selecting A, B, or C based on the answer choices on the table).

  3. Reveal Player Votes: Once everyone has voted, players reveal their choices simultaneously (by flipping their voting cards or showing their hand).

  4. Judge Reveals Answer: The Judge then reveals their own Answer Card, showing the answer they genuinely find the most disturbed.

  5. Scoring Points: Players who correctly guessed the Judge's pick receive a Winning Card from the deck. These Winning Cards might have humorous sayings or insults, adding a layer of fun. Players who guessed incorrectly don't receive any points.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues with players taking turns as the Judge, drawing new Question Cards, and trying to guess the most disturbed answer.  The player with the most Winning Cards at the end of a predetermined number of rounds (depending on the version) is declared the champion of "disturbedness" (and probably needs a good laugh!).


  • The humor in Disturbed Friends comes from the dark and outrageous nature of the questions and answer choices. It's best played with a group of friends who appreciate dark humor and can handle potentially offensive content.

  • Some versions might have additional rules or variations, like:

    • Skip Turn Cards:  These can be used strategically to prevent another player from scoring a point.

    • Point Limit:  Instead of playing for a set number of rounds, the game could end when a player reaches a specific point total.

Disturbed Friends is a party game that pushes boundaries and challenges players to reveal their darkest secrets and preferences. With its provocative questions and uncomfortable scenarios, it's perfect for parties, adult gatherings, or any social occasion where players are comfortable with dark humor and honesty.

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