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Official Dead Grandma Rules

Dead Grandma is a dark humor card game that involves players competing to avoid being stuck with the "Dead Grandma" card while collecting as many positive points as possible. Here are the rules for playing Dead Grandma:


The goal is to avoid ending the game with the "Dead Grandma" card while collecting the most points through strategic play.


  • Shuffle the Deck:Shuffle all the cards together, including the "Dead Grandma" card(s), Point cards, and Action cards.

  • Deal Cards:Each player is dealt 5 cards from the shuffled deck.

  • Place Remaining Cards:Place the remaining deck face down in the center as the draw pile.


  1. Turn Sequence:

    • Players take turns in a clockwise order.

    • On your turn, you can perform one of the following actions:

      • Draw a Card: Draw the top card from the draw pile and add it to your hand.

      • Play a Card: Play one card from your hand and follow its instructions.

      • Pass a Card: Pass one card from your hand to another player.

  2. Types of Cards:

    • Dead Grandma Card: This card is the one to avoid. If you have this card at the end of the game, you lose points.

    • Point Cards: These cards have positive or negative points. Collect positive points to increase your score.

    • Action Cards: These cards allow special actions, such as forcing another player to draw an extra card, swapping hands with another player, or peeking at the top card of the draw pile.

  3. Avoiding Dead Grandma:

    • The main objective is to avoid being stuck with the "Dead Grandma" card. Use strategic plays to pass it to other players or avoid drawing it from the deck.

  4. Scoring Points:

    • Throughout the game, collect Point cards to accumulate a high score.

    • Negative Point cards should be avoided as they decrease your score.

  5. Ending the Game:

    • The game ends when the draw pile is exhausted, or a set number of turns are completed (decided before starting the game).

Winning the Game

  • At the end of the game, players reveal their cards. The player with the "Dead Grandma" card loses a significant number of points.

  • The player with the highest score after accounting for all Point cards and the "Dead Grandma" card wins.


  • Stealing Cards: Some Action cards may allow players to steal Point cards from other players' hands.

  • Trading Hands: Certain Action cards enable players to trade their entire hand with another player.

  • Dead Grandma Effects: The "Dead Grandma" card might have additional effects that impact gameplay, such as forcing the holder to skip a turn.

Dead Grandma is a humorous and strategic card game that requires players to balance collecting points while avoiding the dreaded "Dead Grandma" card. Use action cards wisely to outmaneuver opponents and secure the highest score.

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