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Official Danger Danger Rules

Danger Danger by Exploding Kittens is a high-energy and unpredictable card game where players must navigate through dangerous situations, using their wits and strategy to avoid peril and outsmart their opponents. Here are the rules for playing Danger Danger:


The goal is to be the last player standing by avoiding danger cards and using action cards strategically.


  • Shuffle the Decks:Separate the Danger Cards and the Action Cards. Shuffle each deck thoroughly.

  • Deal Cards:Deal 5 Action Cards to each player.
    Place the remaining Action Cards in a draw pile in the center of the table.
    Place the Danger Cards in a separate draw pile next to the Action Card pile.

  • Safe Zone Cards:Set the Safe Zone Cards aside; they will be used later in the game.

  • Determine the First Player:Choose a player to go first. Play will proceed clockwise.


  1. Draw a Danger Card:

    • At the start of each turn, the active player draws a Danger Card and places it face up in front of them. The Danger Card will describe a perilous situation (e.g., "Shark Attack," "Lava Pit," "Alien Abduction").

  2. Play Action Cards:

    • Players can use their Action Cards to avoid danger or affect other players. Action Cards include various abilities (e.g., "Dodge," "Swap Danger," "Cancel Danger," "Draw 2 Cards").

    • The active player can play as many Action Cards as they have in their hand to mitigate the Danger Card or pass the danger to another player.

  3. Avoiding Danger:

    • If the active player successfully avoids the danger using their Action Cards, they remain in the game. If they cannot avoid the danger, they are out of the game.

    • After playing Action Cards, the active player draws back up to 5 Action Cards from the draw pile.

  4. Safe Zone:

    • When a player successfully avoids a certain number of dangers (e.g., 3), they enter the Safe Zone. Players in the Safe Zone cannot be targeted by other players' Action Cards but must still draw Danger Cards and avoid them.

  5. Passing the Turn:

    • After resolving the Danger Card and drawing Action Cards, the turn passes to the next player clockwise.

Winning the Game

The game continues until only one player remains who has successfully avoided all dangers and outlasted the other players. That player is declared the winner.


  • Double Danger: Some Danger Cards may have a Double Danger symbol, meaning the player must draw two Danger Cards on their turn and avoid both.

  • Team Play: For larger groups, players can form teams and combine their Action Cards to avoid dangers together.

  • Instant Danger: Some Danger Cards may be instant and require immediate action, forcing all players to respond quickly.

Danger Danger by Exploding Kittens is an exciting and fast-paced card game that combines strategy, quick thinking, and a bit of luck. Perfect for parties and gatherings, it guarantees fun and unpredictable moments with every round.

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