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Official Crazy Eights Rules

Crazy Eights is a fun and straightforward card game that's perfect for family gatherings or casual gaming sessions. Here's how to play:


  • Number of Players: 2 or more 

  • The objective of Crazy Eights is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards.


1. Shuffle the deck and deal a set number of cards face down to each player (usually 5 or 7 cards per player depending on the number of players). These are your hands.

2. Place the remaining deck face down in the center of the table. This is the draw pile.

3. Flip the top card of the draw pile face up to start the discard pile. If the revealed card is an Eight, bury it face down in the draw pile and flip the next card to start the discard pile.


1. The player to the left of the dealer starts the game. On your turn, you can do one of two things:

  • Play a Matching Card: Discard a card from your hand that matches the rank (number) or suit of the top card on the discard pile.

  • Play an Eight: Play an Eight from your hand even if it doesn't match the top discard pile card. When you play an Eight, you declare the new suit to be followed by the next player.

2. Discard Pile Management: After playing a card, discard it face up on top of the discard pile.

3. Drawing Cards:

  • If you cannot play any cards in your hand (because they don't match the top discard pile card), you must draw cards from the draw pile until you find a playable card. You can keep drawing until you play a card or exhaust the draw pile.

  • If the draw pile is empty, the discard pile is shuffled (excluding the top card) to form a new draw pile.

Winning the Game

  • The first player to discard all their cards wins the round.


Optional Scoring (for multiple rounds):

  • Assign point values to remaining cards in players' hands at the end of the round. Here's a common point system:

    • Eights: 50 points

    • Face cards (Jack, Queen, King): 10 points

    • Aces: 1 point

    • Other cards: Face value (e.g., a Seven is worth 7 points)

  • The player with the lowest score after a predetermined number of rounds wins the game.

Additional Notes:

  • Some variations allow players to discard the top card of their draw pile if they cannot play a card from their hand. This can speed up the game.

  • You can play with multiple decks shuffled together if you have a larger group of players.

Crazy Eights is a simple and fast-paced game that's perfect for all ages. Enjoy playing!

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