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Official Guess in 10: Countries of the World Rules

Guess in 10 Countries of The World is a fun and educational game that tests your knowledge of different countries. It's perfect for families, game nights, or anyone who wants to brush up on their geography skills in a quick and engaging way.


Be the first player (or team) to correctly guess a mystery country within 10 "yes" or "no" questions.


1. Shuffle the Deck: Mix all the Guess in 10 Countries of The World cards face down on a table.

2. Decide on Scoring (Optional): If using a scoreboard, keep track of points for each player or team. You can award points for correctly guessing the country or for using clue cards strategically.


The game is all about asking clever questions and strategically using clues to identify the mystery country within 10 attempts. Here's how it unfolds:

  • Rounds and Turns: Players take turns guessing countries. Each turn represents a new round.

  • Drawing a Card: The player whose turn it is draws a card from the deck and keeps it hidden from other players. This card reveals the mystery country they need to guess.

  • Asking Yes or No Questions: The guessing player gets to ask up to 10 "yes" or "no" questions to other players to gather clues about the mystery country.

    • Examples of Questions:

      • Is this country in Europe?

      • Does this country border an ocean?

      • Does this country have a population of over 100 million?

  • Using Clue Cards (Optional): Some versions of the game include clue cards with categories like "Language," "Climate," or "Landmark." The guessing player can use these cards to ask a more specific question related to the chosen category. However, using a clue card might come at a cost (e.g., losing a turn or using fewer questions).

  • Guessing the Country: After asking questions and gathering clues, the guessing player attempts to identify the mystery country on the card they drew.

  • Correct Guess: If the player correctly guesses the country within 10 questions, they win the round and score points (if using a scoring system).

  • Incorrect Guess: If the player fails to guess the country correctly after 10 questions, the card is revealed, and everyone learns the mystery country. No points are awarded in this case.

  • Moving On: After each round, regardless of a correct or incorrect guess, the card is discarded, and a new round begins with the next player drawing a new card.

Winning the Game

The game can continue for a set number of rounds, a predetermined time limit, or until one player (or team) reaches a specific point target (if using a scoring system). The player (or team) with the most correctly guessed countries wins the game and is crowned the Guess in 10 Countries of The World champion!


  • Some versions of the game include a bonus question card. If a player guesses the country correctly after using all 10 questions, they can draw a bonus card. This card might offer an additional point or a special advantage for the next round.

Guess in 10 Countries of The World is a fast-paced and educational game that keeps everyone engaged. It's a great way to learn fun facts about different countries, improve your geographical knowledge, and have some laughs along the way!

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