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Official Couch Skeletons Rules

Couch Skeletons is a card game where players try to match colored skeleton parts to complete skeletons and score points. Below are the rules and an overview of how to play:


  • Be the first player to fill all five spots on the couch with your skeleton cards.

Number of Players: 2


1. Shuffle the Decks:  Shuffle each deck of skeleton cards (purple and pink) separately.

2. Place the Couch Cushions:  Lay the five couch cushion cards face up in a row in the center of the playing area. These represent the spaces on the couch you'll be filling with skeletons.

3. Deal Starting Hands:  Deal three skeleton cards face down to each player. Keep your hand of cards hidden from your opponent.


The game follows a simple turn structure with three phases:

Each player places the top card of their deck face up onto opposite ends of the couch. If the numbers are the same, repeat this step until they are dierent. The player that revealed the highest numbered card goes first.

1. Draw Cards:

  • You can choose to draw three cards from the top of your deck at the beginning of your turn, refilling your hand to three cards. You can skip drawing if you already have three cards or prefer to keep your current hand.

2. Play Skeletons:

  • Your main goal is to play skeleton cards from your hand onto the couch cushion spaces.  You can play a skeleton card if it meets one of these placement rules:

    • On Top Rule:  You can place a skeleton card on top of another skeleton card on a couch cushion if the new skeleton's number is one higher than the skeleton card already there. For example, you can place a skeleton with the number "7" on top of a skeleton with the number "6".

    • Beside Rule:  You can place a skeleton card directly next to another skeleton card on a couch cushion if the new skeleton's number is one higher or one lower than the existing skeleton. For example, you can place a skeleton "8" next to a skeleton "7" or a skeleton "6".

  • Place up to 3 skeletons on the couch from your hand according to the rules.

3. Discard Pile:

  • Discard a card to end your turn. If you have no cards left, end your turn without discarding.

Winning the Game

Take turns placing skeletons on the couch until one player has covered the couch with their skeletons. That player is the winner.


  • Skeletons can be placed on any couch seat, regardless of color. When placing a skeleton BESIDE another skeleton, the number below it is irrelevant.

  • Each player maintains a separate discard pile.

  • If a player runs out of cards, their discard pile becomes their deck and they keep playing.

  • Each game can go quickly, so consider playing a “Best of 5” or “Best of 7”.

Couch Skeletons is a fun and engaging card game that requires strategy and a bit of luck. It’s suitable for players of all ages and encourages quick thinking and planning

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