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Official CLUENECT Game Rules

CLUENECT is a fun and mind-reading party game that tests your ability to understand how others think and decipher clever clues. It's perfect for families, game nights, or any gathering where laughter and a bit of deduction are welcome.


Be the player (or team, depending on variations) who correctly guesses the most pictures based on one-word clues.


1. Place the Game Board: Put the CLUENECT game board in the center of the playing area where all players can easily see it. The numbered slots on the board will hold the picture cards.

2. Shuffle the Picture Cards: Mix all the picture cards face down and shuffle them well.

3. Deal the Numbered Cards: Evenly distribute the numbered cards (one set for each player) face down to all players. These cards correspond to the numbered slots on the game board.


CLUENECT is all about giving clever one-word clues and using your deduction skills to guess the hidden picture based on those clues. Here's how it plays:

  1. Rounds and Turns:

    • Players take turns being the "Clue Giver."

    • Each round consists of a new picture being revealed and the Clue Giver providing a one-word hint.

  2. Choosing a Picture Card:

    • At the beginning of their turn, the Clue Giver secretly picks a picture card from the shuffled deck. They don't reveal this card to other players.

  3. Giving a One-Word Clue:

    • The Clue Giver then provides a single word clue that somehow relates to the chosen picture card. This clue can be descriptive, metaphorical, or even a sound associated with the picture. The key is to be creative and help other players guess the picture without giving away too much information.

  4. Guessing the Picture:

    • All other players (except the Clue Giver) look at their numbered cards and try to guess which picture (represented by the number on their card) the Clue Giver's clue refers to.

    • Players can ponder the clue for a moment but shouldn't discuss their guesses with others.

  5. Revealing Guesses:

    • Simultaneously, all players (except the Clue Giver) place their numbered card face down on the table in front of them. These cards represent their guesses for the hidden picture.

  6. Checking the Guesses:

    • The Clue Giver then flips over their chosen picture card, revealing it to everyone.

    • Next, all players who placed the matching numbered card (corresponding to the revealed picture) in front of them score a point!

  7. Moving On:

    • After revealing the picture and awarding points, the used picture card is discarded, and a new round begins. The next player in turn becomes the new Clue Giver, and they draw a new picture card to keep the guessing fun going.

Winning the Game

The game can continue for a set number of rounds, a predetermined time limit, or until a player (or team, depending on variations) reaches a specific point target. The player (or team) with the most points at the end wins the game and is crowned the CLUENECT champion!


  • Team Play: Divide players into teams and play cooperatively. Team members can discuss the clue together and try to arrive at a consensus guess. The team with the most correct guesses at the end wins.

  • Advanced Play: Experienced players can try using two-word clues instead of single words, adding a layer of complexity and creative expression.

CLUENECT is a simple yet engaging game that promotes creative thinking, communication, and a dash of deduction. It's a perfect choice for livening up any gathering and creating a fun atmosphere filled with laughter and friendly competition.

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