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Official Charades Rules

Charades is a fun and lively party game that tests your acting skills and your team's ability to guess words or phrases. Here's a breakdown of the rules:


Be the first team to guess the most words or phrases correctly within a set time limit (optional) or a predetermined number of rounds.



  • A timer (optional, but helpful for fast-paced gameplay)

  • Paper and pen (optional, for keeping score)

  • A deck of charades cards with words or phrases written on them (optional, but can add variety)

  • Creativity and acting skills!

  1. Divide into Teams (Optional):  For larger groups, divide the players into roughly equal teams. Teams can take turns acting out words or phrases for their teammates to guess.

  2. Choose a Word or Phrase:  The acting player (or team) can decide on a word or phrase to act out in a few ways:Think of One: Simply come up with a word or phrase on your own.
    Use a Deck: If you have a deck of charades cards, draw a card and use the word or phrase written on it.
    Whisper or Write:  If playing without teams, players can whisper or write down a word or phrase for the acting player to perform.


The game is played in rounds. Here's how a round goes:

  1. Acting!  The chosen actor from the team silently acts out the word or phrase using only gestures, facial expressions, and body movements. No talking or mouthing words is allowed!

  2. Guessing: Their teammates try to guess the word or phrase being acted out. They can shout out answers as many times as they like.

  3. Correct Guess!  If a teammate guesses the word or phrase correctly, the team scores a point (or however you're keeping track). The acting team then chooses a new word or phrase for the next round.

  4. Time Limit (Optional):  If you're using a timer, set it for a predetermined amount of time, such as 1 minute or 2 minutes per round. If the team doesn't guess the word before the timer runs out, the turn ends, and the other team (if playing with teams) might get a chance to act out a word.

Winning the Game

  • Play for a predetermined number of rounds (e.g., 10 rounds).

  • If keeping score, the team with the most points at the end wins the game!


  • Categories (Optional):  You can add an extra challenge by specifying categories for the words or phrases being acted out, such as movies, books, famous people, or places.

  • All Acting Levels Welcome:  The beauty of Charades is that anyone can play, regardless of acting experience. The key is to have fun and be creative with your performances!

  • Acting Tips:  For the actor, think about breaking down the word or phrase into smaller parts and acting them out one at a time. You can also use props or point to objects in the room if it helps with the charade.

  • Guessing Tips:  For the guessers, think broadly and consider different possibilities. Pay close attention to the details of the acting and any visual clues the actor might be giving.

So next time you're looking for a fun and interactive game for a party or gathering, grab your friends and family and get ready to act it out with Charades!

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