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Official Cards Against Humanity Rules

Cards Against Humanity is a party game known for its dark humor and crude content. Here's how to play:


Play the white card answer that you think is the funniest or most fitting according to the black card prompt, and have the Card Czar (a designated player who judges the round) choose your card as the winner.

Number of Players: 4+ players (works best with 6-8 players)


1. Shuffle the decks: Keep the black card deck and the white card deck separate.

2. Deal white cards: Deal a specific number of white cards (usually 10) face down to each player. These are your hand of answers.

3. Choose the Card Czar: In the first round, one player is the Card Czar. The Card Czar role rotates clockwise after each round.


1. Draw a black card: The Card Czar draws a black card from the deck and reads it out loud to all players. The black card will have a blank or blanks, indicating where the white card answers will be inserted.

2. Picking funniest answers: Everyone (except the Card Czar) looks at their hand of white cards and chooses the one they think is the funniest or most appropriate answer to the black card prompt. They submit their chosen white card face down to the Card Czar.

3. Card Czar judges: The Card Czar shuffles the submitted white cards (to keep things anonymous) and reveals them one at a time, reading them out loud in combination with the black card.

4. Choosing the winner: The Card Czar picks the white card answer they find funniest in context with the black card. The player who submitted the winning card gets one "Awesome Point" (usually a point is tracked with chips or tokens).

5. New round: A new round begins. The player to the left of the previous Card Czar becomes the new Card Czar. Deal new white cards to all players (except the judge) and continue playing.

Winning the Game

  • Play to a predetermined score: Decide on a target score before starting the game (usually 25 or 30 Awesome Points). The first player to reach that score wins the game!


  • Play for a set amount of time: Decide on a time limit (e.g., 30 minutes) and the player with the most Awesome Points at the end of the time limit wins.pen_spark


  • Some black cards may ask for players to submit two white cards instead of one. The Card Czar will then judge the combination of the two cards together.

  • There are many expansion packs available for Cards Against Humanity, introducing new white cards with additional themes and jokes.

  • The game is known for its dark humor and offensive content. Make sure everyone playing is comfortable with the potentially crude and adult humor before you begin.

Remember, the goal of "Cards Against Humanity" is to create the funniest, most outrageous, or most absurd combinations of answer cards in response to the question cards. The game encourages dark humor and creativity, so feel free to let your imagination run wild!

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